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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shaking it off and moving on....

Well, I knew it was going to happen eventually - someone out there was going to hate my book! I tried to brace myself as best I could for when that day happened and thought, "No sweat, I could handle that when it happens!" Well, yesterday it did, a stinkin' one star review on Amazon. And even though I thought I could handle it - it still felt like someone was beating up on my kid right in front of me.

So, after thinking about it all night long, I have come to the realization. Not everyone is going to like my book. Everyone has different tastes and prefers different writing styles. For this particular reviewer my book and writing style was not it.  I asked her for an honest opinion and I got it! Although, I would have been a little bit more okay with that one star rating, had she at least finished the whole book (okay, maybe I wouldn't have). 

I'm not going to let one bad review ruin all of the good ones and all the positive things that I hear from everyone on Facebook and Twitter! It was really strange that I happen to stumble across this blog out of nowhere yesterday and found this beautiful review written about my book....almost like someone knew that I needed a pick me up:

So, here's to a better day! Be sure to check out my Facebook Page for a teaser to my new novel An Unplanned Lesson and get to know Mr. Dailan O'Maley a little better! https://www.facebook.com/BethRinyu

Happy Tuesday & Happy Thoughts!!

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