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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back To Reality.....

I'm back from my most favorite place in the world, Cape May, NJ. And even though it was scorching hot and the water was loaded with jelly fish I wouldn't have wanted to be any other place in the world.

I find that I do my best writing when I am there. Maybe it's the salt air or the beautiful homes that make me feel creative. When I wrote my fist novel and now as I am on my fourth, my feelings are still the same. I'm not writing to become a millionaire (although I really wouldn't complain if that happened). I write because I have stories in my head that I want to share with everyone else and hope to give others enjoyment from. But a girl could dream right? So if one day Oprah just happens to pick up one of my books and like it....the first thing I would do is move down to Cape May permanently. I would spend my days sitting on my big front porch of the beautiful Victorian home that I  would buy with all of my money, while breathing in the salt air and listening to the seagulls fly overhead....and this is why I write fiction, I have a great imagination! But why I'm dreaming  - which house should I choose?

Another good writing spot is right here....minus the sand in your keyboard:

Thank you for fantasizing  along with me and for allowing me to share my pictures with you....now it's back to reality - unpacking, laundry and food shopping! Hope all of you have a great Sunday!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One week later.....

Well, it's been  one week since I officially introduced Travis and Mia to rest of the world  and so far everyone has been kind to them. I am very happy with the feedback that I've been receiving and I am so thankful that everyone loves Travis & Mia as much as I do. It is now available in paper back and on itunes. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to message me with their kind words, or wrote reviews on Drowning In Love, I really do appreciate it. To all of my favorite book bloggers....I was holding my breath that you guys were going to like it. Thanks for reviewing, blogging and spreading the word about it. I'm so glad that all of you enjoyed it! I'm still going through major character withdraw, missing Travis & Mia very much! But they have their happily ever after that they have to live out and they don't need me intruding in life anymore (don't mind me, I talk about my characters like they're real).

I will be on vacation this whole week. I will be bringing my laptop, to be spending some time with Dailan and Nicole but don't know what the internet access is like where I'm staying at. So, if you don't hear from me as much....I was not abducted by aliens. So continue to spread the word about Drowning In Love while I'm gone! Hopefully when I get back I will have a lot more pages of Dailan and Nicole for you guys.  Hope all of you have a great week....I know I'm going to try, really hard!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saying Goodbye To Another Book Couple...It's Never Easy.

Well hopefully you all know by now, that I released my latest novel Drowning In Love a bit earlier than planned. I had planned on  July 22nd then I was thinking that July 10th would have been the perfect day, since the book was dedicated to my grandmother and her birthday is the 10th. But I was like a kid on Christmas morning an had to hit that publish button! 

It's live on Amazon, and nook. It's uploaded to itunes but not live yet and it should be available in paperback by next week. If anyone would like a signed copy you can order one right from this blog through the pay pal link. 

I'm excited but sad about it being released.....all of the anticipation is over. I can no longer open up my laptop and delve into  Travis' and Mia's world. Not to mention, I really miss them! I know this sounds crazy but, my characters become like old friends to me and when I end a book I feel like I've severed a friendship. Thankfully, I know that they are never too far away. I just have to fire up my kindle and I can go back and visit any of my book couples any time....and yes I do quite often!

So, now I have to  move on to my next book couple.....Hmmmm do you know who they are? I think you just may!

If you've read Drowning In Love or any of my books, would you mind leaving a review on Goodreads or whatever website that you purchased them from?

Drowning In Love on Nook

Drowning In Love on Amazon

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My New Release is Live on Amazon

Well, my original date to release Drowning In Love was July 22nd until I got the edited/formatted copy in my hands and well....then the suspense was killing me! So, I was going to see if I could wait until I got 1,000 likes on my FB page and well....I got to 868 and I was climbing the walls to hit the publish button. So, I did! Travis and Mia's beautiful love story is now live on Amazon and should be live for nook very shortly.  I am hoping to have it up on paperback within the next few weeks. Now I feel a kid on Christmas morning who just got done opening all of their presents! On to my next book couple.....I think some of you may have already met them already! Here is the link to purchase on Amazon:


I will post the link to B&N once it goes live.

Happy Reading!!