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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blog Tour

Good Morning everyone....the birds are singing, the sun is shining (well at least here it is anyway) what more could you ask for? Okay, maybe another cup of coffee and for me to stop being so darn cheerful this early in the morning.....Okay, I'll stop. Just wanted to let you guys know about the upcoming blog tour this week for An Unplanned Lesson, there will be a couple of giveaways as well, so don't miss out stopping by some of these blogs on the dates listed below to find out what they are:

Also, tonight I will be posting the first paragraph of my prologue to Drowning in Love, the novel that I'm currently working on so be sure to check out my facebook page so you don't miss it!

Hope all of you make the most of your day!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Good Morning everyone! Before you become engrossed in the the morning news on TV, the internet or your newspaper (do people actually still read the newspaper?) check out all my exciting news first!

In today's headlines.....

  • The The Exception To The Rule is on sale for .99 cents on Amazon for just a few more hours. Go get your copy an find out why everyone is crying and falling in love with Kat & Julian.
  • Both An Unplanned Lesson and The Exception To The Rule are now available in iTunes.
  • I posted a teaser for my upcoming novel Drowning in love on my Facebook Page. I will be posting little teasers, the cover and character inspiration photo's there as well in the upcoming weeks. So make sure you give it a like to so don't miss out!
  • I've really gotten the hang of Pinterest (finally!) and have been pinning away! Check out my two book boards The Exception To The Rule and An Unplanned Lesson                                                 

Okay, that's it for today's headlines! Now on to the weather.......

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hooray for Saturday!!

Yay, it's Saturday! What's everyone doing this weekend? I'm planning on relaxing and working on my book. I'm planning on doing some giveaways in the near future, so be sure to like my Facebook Page so you don't miss out! That's also where I plan on posting some teasers from this new book and also sharing the cover!

 I found another beautiful 5 star review for The Exception to The Rule when I just went on to Amazon to look at my reviews. I cannot express how happy it makes me to hear that people are getting the same emotional impact from Kat & Julian's beautiful love story that I intended. I fell in love with the story line when I wrote it. I was afraid that I would be the only one that was so attached to it because I was the one who created it, I'm so glad to see that I'm not.

Dailan O'Maley is still continuing to win over the ladies hearts in An Unplanned Lesson. I love reading reviews and emails from people telling me how much they love him - I think he's pretty special too!

I can't wait until I can share a little bit more about Travis & Mia, the couple from my new book. I'm still working really hard to perfect their personalities. I tend to drive myself crazy when it comes to character development, to me that is the single most important detail when reading and writing a book. If you don't have characters with well defined personalities that the readers can connect with immediately  then you can't connect with the book. I will tell you that Travis is a little more like Julian (from The Exception to The Rule).   But to all of you Dailan O'Maley lovers out there, don't fret.....I actually have three different ideas for a 2nd book to An Unplanned Lesson. Once I get done with this current book, I'm going to narrow it down and see which one would work best.

Oh well, enough from me! Hope all of you have a great weekend, running errands, spending time with your family, reading a good book - I can suggested two really good ones ;). Whatever your plans, make it your best day ever!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Happy Monday everyone! I know, I know.....those two words just don't belong together, unless you are sitting on an island surrounded by turquoise water, palm trees and a warm ocean breeze with your drink of choice in hand! Then who cares what day of the week it is, right?  I had a pretty exciting weekend. I attended my first "official" book signing. It was really a neat experience and I met a lot of great people during the process. I got quite a few chapters of my third novel done but the most exciting news of the weekend.....I finally decided on the cover. To say I'm in love with it is an understatement! My cover girl sent me at least a dozen choices, when I found the one that I somewhat liked, she began to tweak it for me (yes, I was a major pain in the....).  Each time she would make a little change I would like it more and more, until finally, she sent, "the one." It was like bells going off on the $1,000,000.00 slot machine - okay I never really experienced that and maybe I would be just a little more ecstatic about that happening than my cover, but you get my drift. I am happy beyond words and I CANNOT WAIT to share it with everyone! I'm just hoping that I can do it proud and make the inside of it just as great as the outside.....I'm still shooting for summer! It will be the perfect book to take to the pool (hint, hint) or beach with you while you are relaxing in the sun!

Oh well, that's all I got for today...my lunch hour is just about up! Hope all of you are making the most of this Monday and if you are lucky enough to be sitting on a beach somewhere reading this.....Have a pina colada for me!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Roller Coaster Ride of Book Writing

Writing and putting your book out to the world is a lot like like a roller coaster.You can feel so good about  it when you're hearing positive feedback and for each good review you slowly move further up the hill until you reach the top! Then all it takes is one negative word and you're face and stomach clenches before your dropped down that hill at warp speed. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I hate roller coasters. I draw the line with the tea cups! But I have to say,  the book writing roller coaster, isn't so bad. Maybe because the past few weeks have been the upward ascent for me. I know it's just a matter of time before I hit that drop again! But I realized that you can either scream or sit back and enjoy the ride and I'm choosing the latter of the two. So, I got to thinking, if I was brave enough to put two books out for the world to see, then I should be brave enough to ride a real roller coaster -yeah, that's just my overactive imagination talking!  I better put that voice to good use instead, like in the book that I'm currently writing,

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and remember, if you happen to hit that drop with anything in life, embrace the butterflies in your stomach and smile!! It only lasts a split second and then it's over! 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't Put The Cover Before The Book

Just checking in with everyone to see how your week is going? I've been busy, busy, busy working away on my latest novel. I actually thought of a title for this one and it wasn't even that painful! But, there always has to be something, right? Right, and for this book, it's the cover that's making me crazy and my cover designer as well (although she's too sweet to admit it!). I'm reminded of the old saying "Don't put the cart before the horse" (that is how it goes....right?) I know that I should just be focusing on my writing and worry about the cover after, but in some crazy way, seeing the cover helps to inspire me with my writing. 

I am so happy with the feedback that I have been receiving on The Exception to The Rule and An Unplanned Lesson. Dailan O'Maley has become a new book boyfriend to quite a few readers this week. I know that I've said this before, but I'll say it again..... knowing that people love my books as much as I do means more to me than anything! It's like getting a really nice compliment about your kids....even though you think their great; it's nice to hear it from someone else who isn't as close to them as you are.

I also want to say once again that I have the best Facebook friends on my page...they are such a FUN group of people and I just LOVE talking about my books with them!

For any one local in the NJ area I will be at Princeton Public Library on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm would love for you to stop by and say hello!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/princetonpubliclibrary/8631920241/

 Well, that's all for tonight.....got to spend a little more time with my current book couple, Travis & Mia, if I want you guys to meet them by the summer! I left them hanging in the middle of a very tedious situation, so I think they would appreciate it if I got back to them too!

Have a great night, morning, afternoon...depending on where you are! XO

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wake up and smell the coffee....

Ahh...it's finally hear - Saturday! No waking up to the sound of the alarm. I can actually enjoy my coffee instead of gulping it down as I'm running around the house, making my kid's lunch, making my lunch or trying to figure out what to wear to work. Now, I know what you're  probably all thinking, "Why don't you do all this stuff at night?" Well there was a time long ago, in a galaxy far away that I did do all these things at night. So what happened, you ask - I started writing books and when I get on a roll all of my free time at night becomes consumed with writing. So, I just deal with the craziness that is my life and go with the flow. Now if you will excuse me, I have a cup of cinnamon pastry coffee with french vanilla creamer, that I need to be alone with! I just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Saturday and remind you to take some extra time to stop and smell the coffee!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The S Factor

I really don't have anything to blog about today....just wanted all of you to see the face lift that I gave to my blog.....what do you think? I kind of like it! See what happens when you're ADHD starts kicking in when you're suffering a bout of writers block....you become creative in different ways!

Hmm....on second thought maybe I do have something to blog about - The Smut Factor! I was chatting with another author friend of mine today about you guessed it - writing those "steamy" scenes! Now, I will be the first one to admit, I love reading them....stink at writing them! Maybe it's because that little voice inside my head (I only have one of them. On a bad day maybe three....kidding!) is telling me "your mother will be reading this!" or  my grandmother's famous saying, "What would the nun's think?" is always etched into my mind.  I will say I did step up my smuttiness (if that's even a word) from The Exception to The Rule to An Unplanned Lesson. My face was pure red when an older woman that I work with told me be she had to go to bed because she was so tired after one particular scene from An Unplanned Lesson. I think I've even upped the smut factor another level in the novel that I'm currently working on....but I still like to keep it tasteful. So I guess my question is..... how do you like your smut?

  1. Hand me a fan
  2. Ahhhh they're so in love
  3. Close the door I know what they're doing but I don't want to hear about it!

I think I'm a number two with a little bit of three. Don't be embarrassed to admit you're a number one. Embrace you inner smut Goddess and say it proudly:

Okay, for someone who had nothing to say, I sure said a lot! I should get back to my book....I'm feeling some good inspiration coming on!! Have a great night :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Just Checking In!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating this blog like I should be! I've been trying my best to stay focused on writing my third novel, which I’m finding is going to be another tear jerker. Not sure if you will need as many tissues as you did for The Exception To The Rule….but I will keep you posted as I go along, so you can have an adequate supply on hand before it's released.


I cannot tell you how pleased I am over the positive feedback that I’m receiving on An Unplanned Lesson. And for those of you that can’t get enough of Dailan O’Maley and have been asking about a second book….I’m thinking about it! I just want to make sure that my whole heart is in it. I don’t want to write it just to write it (if that makes sense). I want to be able to strengthen on Nicole and Dailan’s story without taking away from the original story. I’ve seen too many bad sequels to some really good movies….that’s why I’m a little hesitant about this one!


I've been finally getting the idea of this whole Pinterest thing as well. For those of you that have read The Exception To The Rule, check out some of these great character inspiration photo’s for Kat & Julian that I've re-pinned from Smittens book blog. I think she did an excellent job with Kat & Julian, what do you guys think? http://pinterest.com/bethrinyu/the-exception-to-the-rule/

Why you're there, check out the pins that I started for An Unplanned Lesson http://pinterest.com/bethrinyu/an-unplanned-lesson/ I wish I could was more creative at this but I'm learning!!


If you haven’t read my books and would like a chance to win a free e-copy of one.  There’s still time to enter the giveaway going on at: http://tammyandkimreviews.blogspot.com/2013/03/giveaway-unplanned-lesson-beth-rinyu.html?zx=a191985ddaeabd8a



Okay, that’s all for now....talk ya's soon! xo