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Monday, December 29, 2014

My favorite Book Moments Of 2014

I’ve been so wrapped up in my latest WIP that I didn’t realize how close we are coming to ending 2014 and starting 2015. It’s seems like it was just yesterday that I was typing “THE END” on A Cry For Hope. It’s hard to believe it was a whole year ago and since then I have introduced you to two other book couples as well: Will & Gabby and Becca & Mason. To say that 2014 went by in the blink of an eye is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I hope you enjoyed the books and the characters that I introduced you to this year during my writing journey and I hope that their stories stay with you for a very long time. I met a lot of awesome new readers this year as well! So, going forward into 2015 I hope to keep improving my writing by making you laugh, making you cry (because you  know I love to do that to you guys) and making your heart skip a beat.  Thank you all for continuing to read my books and for loving them as much as I do. I got great stories planned for you in 2015!! Until then, here are my favorite moments of 2014:

A Cry For Hope

An hour and forty-seven minutes later, I was turning down the long and winding road that led to the cemetery. I pulled my car off to the side and walked up the hill that led to Charlie’s grave. I looked around and was thankful that I was all alone. The late morning sunlight was beating down and the sweat was already streaming down my face, but I didn’t care. I needed to be with my Charlie. I placed the cupcake that my mother had made just for him on his headstone and sat down on the ground. “Grandma made this just for you, Charlie. She misses you so much. We all miss you so much. I can’t believe that a whole year has passed already. It seems like just yesterday. I hope you know how much I love you and that I am so sorry that I couldn’t be there for you that day. You were my world, Charlie, the reason that I existed, and I’m trying to keep going without you, but it’s so hard some days.”
I couldn’t hold back anymore and soon found myself unable to breathe through my sobs, finally admitting to myself, after a whole year, that my little boy was really gone and never coming back. I wrapped my arms around my legs and buried my face in my knees. I rocked back and forth, trying my best to calm myself, slowly lifting my head when I felt someone standing over me. My heart raced and my stomach dropped when I looked up and saw Jamie’s beautiful eyes staring down into mine.
“Jamie,” I whispered, crying even harder at the sight of him.
He bent down beside me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer. He kissed me on the top of my head as my tears continued to flow.
“He’s really gone. It took me a whole year to come to that realization, but our baby is really gone and he’s never coming back,” I whispered, trying to catch my breath.

A Will To Change

 I followed behind her, trying my best to hide my laughter when I noticed that her shirt was still on inside out. I had noticed the tag when she had whisked past me to answer the door earlier, but being the nice guy that I was, I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of her date. I figured what would it hurt if she went out with her shirt on inside out? I found it hard to believe that she had sex and put her shirt on the same way again. She was totally playing me so I was going to play right along with her. I sat down beside her on the couch. “So, give me details.” I had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from laughing at the stunned look that stretched across her face.
“What!? No, I’m not giving you details.”
“Why not?”
“Umm, because I’m just not!” she said, picking up the remote, nervously flicking through the channels.
“Well, I know one thing. He must not be much of a boob man.”
“Why?” she asked, crinkling her forehead.
 “Because you obviously didn’t take off your shirt.”
“Umm…yeah, I did, if you must know!” she replied with an overly animated jerk of her head.
“Yeah, really!”
“Oh, so I guess the shirt you have on is meant to be worn inside out then? Because it was inside out when you left, too.”
Her jaw and head dropped as she looked down at her shirt. I couldn’t contain my laughter. “Will! You let me walk out of here with my shirt on inside out?!”
I held my hand up in defense. “Well, I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of Eugene.” She pushed me back on the couch and was no longer able to hold back her own laughter. She began to tell me all about her failed date, and I did my best to try and not seem happy about it.
“Go ahead, have at it!” she said.
“Have at what?”
“Telling me ‘I told you so’.”
“Now, Gabby, I would never do that to you.” I busted out with laughter once again.
“That’s okay. You won’t be laughing when I become a lonely old cat lady. I’m going to start collecting one cat for each year that I don’t have sex. At this rate, I’ll have twenty-nine by the time I’m sixty.”
“Gabby, you kill me!” She sighed heavily. “Movie?” I asked.
“Sure. I just want to get into my pajamas,” she said, standing up from the couch and sounding a little defeated.
“Hey, Gabby?”
“I don’t think you’ll have twenty-nine cats. Twenty, maybe, but not twenty-nine.”
She picked up the pillow from the couch and tossed it at me. “You’re such an ass!” she smirked.

“That’s my girl!”

Blind Side of Love

“So Becca, have you ever been to Louisiana?”
“Nope. Can’t say that I have!”
“Do you want to go?” I asked. She looked up from her ice cream, looking a little surprised. She shrugged her shoulders, clearly waiting for me to elaborate. “My sister planned a last minute anniversary party for my parents next weekend and I would love for you to come.”
“Oh, umm…..” It was too soon for her, and I instantly regretted asking her when I saw the look on her face.
“No big deal if you don’t want to. I just thought maybe you would want to get away.”
“No, I do and thank you so much for asking. It’s just…I would have to make arrangements with Linda to see if she could take Lilly and –”
“Becca, really it’s okay; I understand it’s last minute. It’s not a big deal. I just thought I’d put it out there.”
She sighed heavily and nodded. “Well thanks for thinking of me.” She forced a smile, staring off into space like she was deep in thought, before finally breaking her silence. “Mason?”
“Did you tell your family about me?”
“Yes, I did.”
 “Do they know?”
I shook my head in confusion. “Do they know what?”
“That I’m blind.”
“Of course.” She looked down at the table and her eyes filled with tears. “What’s wrong, Becca?”
I reached over and grabbed her hand. “Becca, please tell me; what are you thinking?”
“Well, why would you want me?”
“What? Why wouldn’t I?
“You’re so good to me, you have this great personality and I’m fairly certain that you’re not bad to look at either, so why would you want to be stuck with someone who can’t even walk down the street without a dog or holding someone’s hand? You deserve so much better than that.” The tears were now streaming down her face and I felt like I was taking a slow bullet to my chest.
I lifted her hand to my lips and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles. “Because when I look at you I see so much more than just a blind girl. You make me happy, Becca. You make me feel things that I haven’t felt in a very long time. So to me there is no one better; you’re the best there is. I wish you could see what I do when I look at you. Please do not ever think that you are not good enough.”
I took her ice cream cone that was melting all over the place and threw it in the garbage. I handed her a napkin and she wiped off her hands. I could still see so much doubt all over her face and I hated it. I stood up and grabbed her hand. As she got up, I took her face in my hands. “If I have to tell you all day, every day just how special you are until you finally believe it, I will. I will do whatever it takes for you to see yourself exactly how I see you.”

Hope we made your 2014 in the book world memorable!!

Hope & Jamie
Will & Gabby
Becca & Mason

See you in 2015……

Melanie & Ben, Carrie & Jason, Gia & Cam

Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Kat & Julian from Mia & Travis

The anniversary celebration continues! Mia and Travis would like to wish Kat & Julian a happy 2 year anniversary! So in honor of this celebration....Drowning In Love is on sale for 
.99 cents until 12/11/14. This is only the second time ever that the price has been reduced on this one so be sure to grab it at the sale price while you can!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Blind Side Of Love Release Day

Dear Readers,

It's finally here! Blind Side of Love is live! I'm so excited for all of you to meet Becca! Listed below are the links to click to read her story or should I say take the journey with her, because that's what I strive to do when I write. I want you guys to feel as if they are part of the story right along with the main character.
Be sure to check out the giveaway as well!

A great big Thank you to my awesome pre-readers (you guys know who you are) for giving me feedback to make this story the best it could be. To the bloggers who continually support my work by reading and promoting it for me, to Lindee from Lindee Robinson Photography who's beautiful photo's gave me the whole idea for this story and last but not least, you guys who encourage me to keep writing......even when I swear that each book is going to be  my last or that I'm going to take a break for a while, I will get a message from one of you, letting me know how much my stories have touched you and I totally change my mind. So as long as I know that you guys are waiting for the next story that is in my head to come out in words and you're willing to read it, I will keep on typing!

Hope all of you fall in love with Becca's story like I did while I was writing it!  And be sure to let me know what you loved or hated in a review when you are done!

Happy Reading xo


Amazon US Link

Amazon UK Link

Blind Side of Love Book Trailer

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chapter 1 - Blind Side Love

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, or so I’ve been told. But I didn’t see it that way. Sure, I was lucky enough to have everything that I ever asked for. Instead of going to Disney World on family vacations, I went to places like Tahiti, Hawaii, and Australia. Unlike other kids, I didn’t have to scrimp and save for a car; I was handed one, and not just any car; an Audi A5 Cabriolet Convertible. To some, that may seem a little extravagant but in the affluent Connecticut community that I grew up in, it was the norm. My dad was a very successful orthopedic surgeon who had worked hard to make that lifestyle a reality. I tried to repay him by being the “perfect daughter”. I had just finished up my third year at Columbia University, studying pre-law with a 4.0 GPA. Yes, my life couldn’t get any better. Unfortunately to some, I came with a prepackaged label of “Stuck Up Bitch” which was so far from the truth. I didn’t date many guys. In fact, I was still a virgin at twenty-one years old. I didn’t have time for any of it with keeping up with my studies. The guys that would ask me out and that I had turned down would have a few choice names to call me behind my back, but I never really paid attention. They were just battling with the sting of rejection and their own insecurities. The truth was that none of them interested me. To me, they were only looking for one thing; the one thing that I wasn’t going to give away to just anyone.  So I mainly kept to myself, keeping busy with classes and volunteering my time at a center for women and children of domestic violence. To the rest of the world, I may have been Becca Rose Keeton, spoiled rich girl, but to me I was just a normal twenty one year old girl whose family just happened to have money. I tried to remain as grounded as possible. Unlike most girls that I grew up with, I didn’t look down on other people for what they didn’t have, I saw everyone equally.
 I raised my head from my laptop when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. “Hey, Mom!” I said as she walked in and took a seat on my bed.
“Hey Sweetie. Can I just tell you how happy I am to have you back for the summer?”
“Me too, and I am super excited that Lynn Barrett wants me to meet with her on Monday when she gets back to spearhead one of the children’s charities that she’s trying to start up.” Lynn Barrett’s husband was another doctor in my father’s practice. In addition to being co-workers, they were also very good friends with my parents. They were very well known in our community for all of their charity work. I grew up with their son, Ashton and although I admired his mother for all of the time that she had put into various charities, her son was a complete asshole.
 “You absolutely amaze me, Becca!” My mother smiled and took my face in her hands. “You have such a bright future ahead of you. You’re beautiful, talented, as smart as a whip, and have the biggest heart I know. If I wasn’t your mother, I’d be a little jealous.” We both began to giggle. “Now, if some of that could just rub off on your brother.”
“He’ll grow up, someday….maybe,” I joked.
My brother, Jordan, and I couldn’t be more opposite if we tried. Physically, there was no doubt that we were brother and sister. We both had brown hair and the same crystal blue eyes. My mother would say that whenever she was missing the Caribbean she would just look into our eyes because they were the same color as the ocean. As much as I hated to admit it, Jordan was just like all those boys that I did my best to avoid back in high school. He thought he was God’s gift to girls and even at seventeen I was beginning to see how he would manipulate them, and I hated it.
“Your father and I are going out for dinner when he gets home. What are your plans?”
“Krista asked me to go to this party with her.” I didn’t dare tell her that it was at Ashton’s house or she would have been on the phone with his parents in a heartbeat. Even though I hated Ashton and could care less if he got into trouble, I didn’t want to look like a tattle tale to everyone else. It was bad enough that I was already labeled as a goody good.  My mother raised her eyebrow at me in disapproval. “What?” I asked.
“You’re not going to be drinking and driving?”
“Mom! Seriously! I think you know me better than that!”
“I’m sorry, Honey. Yes, I do.” She kissed me on the forehead, before getting up from my bed. “Have fun.”
“Thanks, you too!”

We pulled into Ashton’s driveway. His parents were away for the weekend and Ashton was taking full advantage of the opportunity. I normally didn’t go to parties, but my best friend, Krista, begged me, and since I hadn’t spent time with her in months with both of us being away at school, I couldn’t say no. To say that Ashton Barrett wasn’t one of my most favorite people was an understatement. He had always been relentless with asking me to go out with him, even though each time I would shoot him down. He was a total snob, jock, and womanizer all rolled into one. All the girls fell at his feet, but I could see right through him. According to my mother, he had failed out of his last semester at Fairfield University because he was doing too much partying. There had always been rumors surrounding him regarding drug use, which only added to my aversion to him. It was wall to wall people when we walked through the double doors and into the marble tiled grand foyer. Half of the people I had never even seen before. My eyes instantly focused on the guy laughing away with Ashton. He was nice looking, no doubt. Normally, I wasn’t instantly attracted to people based on physical characteristics alone but something about this dark haired stranger made me think differently for the moment. Even from across the room I could see his well-defined muscles in his arms and chest through his form fitting tee shirt, making me stop and stare a little longer.
“Hello! Earth to Becca,” Krista said, waving her hand in front of my face.
“Oh, I’m sorry. What’s up?” I asked, breaking myself from my trance.
“Were you just checking out that guy with Ashton?” Krista grinned.
“What? No!” I played it off as best as I could.
“Well, well, well, the beautiful ladies finally showed up, now all the rest of these bitches can go home!” Ashton said as he approached us with a red plastic cup in his hand. Ashton Barrett was by no means ugly on the outside. He was a pretty boy, who had been spoiled his whole life and took advantage of his parent’s money. Any redeeming physical traits that he may have exhibited were immediately erased as soon as he opened his mouth.  He moved closer to me and whispered in my ear, “So, beautiful girl, are you finally gonna give it up to me tonight?” I cringed at his warm breath that reeked of alcohol on my neck and pushed him away. He held his hands up in defense when two of his friends began to laugh at my reaction. “Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying?” He tried playing it off like he wasn’t bothered as he walked away, but I could tell that I had majorly bruised that huge ego of his.
Less than an hour into the party and I was ready to go home. This was so not my thing. I wasn’t into drinking and acting like a complete idiot.  I stood around, feeling out of place as I searched for Krista, who had disappeared. I was praying that she didn’t go up in the bedroom with Jack VanNess, another one of Ashton’s high school buddies. I noticed him flirting with her all night. He ranked right up there with Ashton as far as assholes went. Ashton stood on the landing of his double staircase and got everyone’s attention. I could tell he was totally wasted as he swayed back and forth.
“I have something to say!” he shouted, getting everyone to quiet down somewhat and look up at him. “I just want to thank everyone for coming to what will be my first epic party of the summer.”
“Go Ashton! You’re the man!” a few kids shouted.
“Tonight we are privileged by a very special guest.” His glassy eyes stared into mine. “The ice princess, dick tease, Becca Keeton has honored us by lowering herself to be here tonight. Some of you may remember her from high school. Well, college hasn’t changed her much; she still has that same stick up her ass!” I felt my face heat up and was fairly certain that I was blushing when everyone began to laugh. I hate him! “So since she still won’t give up any of that sweetness, which one of you ladies wants to join me in my bedroom and take care of my throbbing dick? No need to fight over me, ladies, I’ll take more than one.” 
I felt the tears welling in my eyes as I pushed through the droves of people and out the front door. I needed to find Krista so I could go home, but there was no way in hell that I was going back into that house.
I walked down the driveway and leaned up against Krista’s car, hoping that she would come out soon. I ran my hand through my hair and stared up at the starlit sky. As much as I loved being home, I missed school and being out of this pretentious town and all of the uppity people that came with it.
“Hey, are you okay?” I jumped at the voice that had snuck up behind me. 
I wiped away the tear that was rolling down my face when I turned around to find the cute guy that Ashton had been talking to when we had first arrived, approaching me. “Oh yeah, I’m good.” I smiled, trying to play it off.  He smiled back and I got butterflies in my stomach upon noticing that he was even cuter closer up.
“So do you like looking up at the stars?”
 “Yes, as a matter of fact I do!” I said in defense, not knowing if he was being sincere or making fun of me for it.
“No need to take offense, I just thought I was the only one that liked star gazing.”
I let my guard down a little and gave him a slight smile. “In case you didn’t hear Ashton’s little speech, I’m Becca Keeton. The ice princess or dick tease, take your pick.” I extended my hand to him.
“I’m Drew Bryant,” he said, gently shaking my hand back.
“So, are you a friend of Ashton’s?”
“Yeah, college buddies.”  I nodded and stared up into his deep blue eyes. “Why don’t you come back inside?” he asked.
“Umm….no. I think I’ll just wait out here for my friend.”
He leaned up against the car and stood next to me. “So, Becca, tell me about yourself.”
“Well, you already know that I’m a stuck up bitch.”
He shook his head and smiled. “I don’t believe one word of it.”
“Well, that’s very kind of you. But you’re going to take my word over your buddy’s?”
 “I got a mind of my own. Plus, I’m really good at reading people and I can tell you’re not.”
“Well, thank you.” God, his personality is just as nice as his appearance. Still, I kept my guard up. He could just be a really sweet talker who was hoping to get lucky. I didn’t trust any of these guys, especially one that was good friends with Ashton. “So what’s your story?” I asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, you obviously go to Fairfield but where are you originally from?”
“California. What about you?” he asked with a smile.
“Born and raised in this uppity town my whole life; finally got away from it three years ago when I went off to college. Columbia. Pre-law.”
He raised his eyebrows as if he were impressed. “So, how long have you known Ashton?”
I rolled my eyes. “Too long. His parent’s and mine are really good friends. His dad and mine are both in the same medical practice. His parents are such nice people, I just can’t believe they have a son like that.” I placed my hand over my mouth to stop talking. “Oops sorry, don’t mean to be talking about your buddy like that.”
He shook his head and chuckled. “Nah, it’s all good. So –”
“There you are!” Krista shouted, cutting Drew right off.
“Oh hey!” I smiled.
She looked at me and then at Drew. “Well, I was going to see if you were ready to leave, but if –”
“Nope, I’m ready!” I said without hesitation.
Although Drew seemed like a nice guy, I was still a little leery. Yes, he was a total cutie that unleashed the butterflies inside of me, but I was sure under that sweet boy next door exterior there was a hidden agenda somewhere that included: Score with Becca Keeton….and that was a line item that I wasn’t allowing anyone associated with Ashton Barrett to ever check off.


Beth Rinyu

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Blind Side Of Love is now available on Amazon for the special pre-order price of $2.99. The regular price will be $3.99 once it it is released on 10/13. So go ahead and one click, save a dollar, and have it delivered right to your kindle on release day! 

*Photography and teasers designed by Lindee Robinson Photography

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Have you met Will & Gabby from A Will to Change?

If not, ask yourself the following questions?

1) Do you love romance novels?

2) Do you enjoy friends to lovers romance books?

3) Do you like work for it romances? i.e they are not jumping into bed by the 2nd chapter and professing their undying love for each other after only meeting a day ago?

4) Do you adore strong lead female characters and hot firemen?

5)Does a book that can make you laugh, cry, swoon and want to throw your reading device sound like something you would enjoy?

6) Do you love a bargain?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions go check it out on Amazon. 

If you have answered yes to two of the questions then go read the reviews and see what others are saying about it

If you have answered yes to three more of these questions.....then hit that one click button! I promise you Will & Gabby will not disappoint!! 

Today is the last day to get this book for .99 cents and after today I will not be lowering the price again for a while. This book is a companion novel to A Cry For Hope but can be read as a stand alone.....but if you'd like to meet Hope first, I can assure you that her story is just as wonderful....just a few more.....okay, a lot more tears!

So to wrap things up if you want a book that will make you feel all kinds of emotions with my some of my best characters yet....then head on over to amazon and ONE CLICK!


Buy it. Read it. Love it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everything Old Is New Again.....To Someone

A few days ago I got a message from a future writer who was asking me for advice. ME? I was really flattered, I'm hardly Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel, so her message alone put a smile on my face. She had told me that she read everyone of my books and adored them which made my smile even bigger. I gave her the same advice that I had given to myself when I first started writing: 

1. Write the story for yourself, the way that you want it to be told as if no one else will ever read it. (because truthfully, I never did imagine that anyone besides my family and friends would ever read it, let alone LOVE it the way that readers have)Don't be afraid to pour your heart and soul into your writing for the world to see. And if you do it good enough, the reader will become immersed into your fictional world that you have created that all they can see are the characters that you've created while feeling the emotions that they are going through. 

2. NEVER, EVER forget who reads your books.....your readers! Remember the ones that were there for you from the very start and the new ones that will gain each day. (You may have written the greatest story in the world and that's a huge accomplishment but when you have others to share it with.....it becomes so much more meaningful). If you make it big.....remember your words that you have typed out and YOUR READERS are the ones that put you there - It's a joint effort!

So, after I sent this reply off to her, I received another message yesterday, from a brand new reader that had just read An Unplanned Lesson after she was caught by a Throwback Thursday excerpt that I had posted on my Facebook Page.

Dear Ms. Rinyu:
I spent the entire day reading An Unplanned Lesson after seeing a teaser the other night on your Facebook page. I cannot not tell you how much I enjoyed this book and I'm scratching my head wondering why this is the first book of yours that I have ever read. You created such deep and enjoyable characters in Dailan and Nicole. Every single one the characters in this book were so well thought out which pulled me into the book even further. I have since one clicked An Unplanned Life because I just have to see what's going to happen next for Dailan & Nicole and because I just am not ready to say goodbye to them! 

You have found yourself a new reader and I cannot wait to be introduced to more of your wonderful characters in all of your other books.

So with that, I now have a very important third bit of advice to add :

3. NEVER, EVER stop promoting your older books. Don't just focus on your newest release or a book that you plan on soon releasing. TREAT ALL OF YOUR BOOKS EQUALLY - the same way you would do with your children. Because to a brand new reader all of your books are new releases!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Blind Side of Love Cover Reveal and Giveaway

One summer.

One guy. 

One reckless act changed her world forever…..

My life as I knew it began on the day I met Drew Bryant. He taught me that it was okay to not always be perfect, that it was okay to loosen up and have a little fun in life, and that it was okay to fall in love.

My life as I knew it ended on the day I met Drew Bryant. He taught me that giving my heart to someone completely was the most dangerous thing I could ever do, and that the perfect world I was living in didn’t matter anymore without him in it. 

But the most important lesson that he taught me? A broken heart turns into a reckless one, and what we feel inside that heart at one particular moment can set our destiny, making us a stronger person, a weaker person, or leading us into a darkness from which we can never escape.

Cover image and design by: Lindee Robinson Photography
Models: Garrett A. Thierry & Megan A. George
Expected Release Date: 10/13/14




“Do you want to know what I see when I look at you?” The smile disappeared from her face and she nodded. I removed her hair clip, allowing her hair to fall down around her as I stared into her eyes. “I see a gorgeous woman with chestnut brown hair that falls to the middle of her back in natural, loose waves.” I gently tucked the strand that was hanging in her face behind her ear. “Her face is so beautiful that she doesn’t even need makeup. Her lips are a natural shade of red that no lipstick could ever match.” I could see her blushing every now and then, trying to hold back both a smile and tears. “But my favorite part of her is…. her eyes.  She has the most stunning eyes I have ever seen in my life. They remind me of the first really hot summer day and staring into a crystal clear swimming pool. The water looks so blue, so refreshing, and so inviting. You’re dying to jump in and cool off but you want to test the water first to make sure it’s okay. She swallowed hard as I leaned in and tasted her lips, unable to get enough of them. She opened her mouth, allowing my tongue access, and moved her hands down my back and I was instantly aching to be inside of her.
We were both breathing heavily as we ended our kiss. She placed her fingers on her bottom lip before sucking it in. “Is the water okay, Mason?”
“It’s perfect. What about for you?”
She nodded. “But I’m a little afraid. I haven’t swam in a while and the last time I did, I nearly drowned.”
           I took her hands in mine. “I promise you, Becca, I won’t let you go under."


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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Tear Drop Scale.....Updated

This post is an oldie but goodie I did several years ago. I've updated it to include some of my newer books. If you need a good cry or laugh....check it out!

Studies show that a good cry is good for you...so do something healthy for yourself! Think of my books as an emotional workout! I used the teardrop scale to rate the intensity of the work out that you will receive! So, whatever kind of cry you are in the mood for, big or small....I got ya covered:

Easy Silence:

5 HUMONGOUS tear drops (Super intense: river of teardrops. May cause a massive headache, severe swollen eyes, and some therapy after reading)

A Cry For Hope: 

 5 tear drops ( Intense: Do not apply any eye make up prior to reading this story, unless you want to be mistaken for a raccoon. Read this when you are completely alone with a box of tissues or better yet, a roll of Bounty paper towels)

A Cry For Hope

The Exception To The Rule:

4 Tear Drops (Moderate: You may ruin your eye makeup while reading, so apply at your own risk.  Box of tissues nearby but there are breaks in the sadness that will allow your eyes to clear up and look somewhat human between cries)
The Exception To The Rule

 The rest are all 3 Tear Drops (Mild: Eye makeup should survive. A few tissues from the box will be needed nearby to dab you eyes every now and then. You will easily be able to disguise your crying by saying that you have something in your eye if someone else walks in the room while you are reading)

Drowning In Love

Blind Side of Love

A Right to Remain

Thursday Afternoon

When Autumn Ends

If you'd rather laugh instead (but I can't promise that there won't be a few tears mixed in among the laughter) 

Consider these books the cool down portion of your workout:

An Unplanned Lesson/Life

An Unplanned Lesson
An Unplanned Life


A Will To Change

A Will To Change

When The Chips Are Down

Keepin' The Faith

*These workouts are all available through Kindle Unlimited.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little Cosmetic Surgery

For months I have been looking at both of my covers from The Unplanned series and wishing that they matched a little better. I want readers to know that they are part of a series instead of looking like two different books. Especially when it is absolutely necessary to read An Unplanned Lesson prior to An Unplanned Life. So after much thought I decided to have the cover for An Unplanned Life go under the knife. I am so happy with the way that it came out and the way that my awesome cover designer Amy Queau from Qdesign Amy-Queau  thought of the idea of the cracked picture frame for a little symbolism.....now it FINALLY looks like a sequel! What do ya's think??

If you haven't read either of these books yet, now is the chance to get them on sale:

An Unplanned Lesson is only .99 Cents

An Unplanned Life is only $1.99

Go grab your copies today......I guarantee you will fall in love with Dailan O'Maley.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sometimes Saying Hello Is Harder Than Goodbye

When people ask me how many books I have out I have to stop and think.....the same way I do with my age - no lie! Once you hit forty you don't want to remember how old you are!

But in all seriousness, I cannot believe that I'm on number seven. When I wrote The Exception To The Rule I thought I was going to be one and done. I loved Kat & Julian so much and never thought that I would get so attached to another couple again and be able to tell a story. Then came Dailan & Nicole.....and then it became a little easier...... not to say goodbye to my characters, but to say hello to new ones. It may sound weird but I need to feel a connection with all of my characters, even the not so nice ones! If I cannot get into my characters 100% then how can I expect anyone else to? I will admit, after I wrote Will & Gabby's story I was having that "Kat & Julian" moment, thinking I would never write again because I would never be able to get into another couple like I did with them......well, guess what?I typed those two magical words in Becca's story "The End". And now, I'm missing Becca, Drew, Mason, and even Ashton (can't wait for all of you to hate on him!) Just as much as Will & Gabby. So, I'm moving on and meeting some new characters in my current WIP with an open mind. I'm about 5k words in....which is the "getting to know you phase" but I'm fairly certain that by the time I'm done, I'm going to be loving them just as much  too! Lucky for me all of my fictional friends are not far away....All I have to do is turn on my Kindle to visit with them anytime, day or night.....just like any old friend!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blog Spotlight #5 - Just One More Romance

And for the last blog spotlight (but certainly not least) meet Shanean from Just One More Romance

Tell everyone a little about your blog and how it was formed:

Just One More Romance is a book blog all about romance books.  We love romance and read it all.  After many years of reading I decided to give reviewing a try so I started JOMR for fun.  It has been a wonderful adventure and I am so blessed with such an outstanding blog team.  But what I have enjoyed the most is meeting all these new authors, bloggers and readers. JOMR wouldn’t be a success without all of them.

What was the very first book that you've read that made you realize your love of books?
The one that started it all was Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts.  That one book I will never forget and still re-read over and over again.

Do you remember the very first book you reviewed?

I wish I did.  I would love to go back and read through my reviews to see how much they have changed over the years.

How many books on average do you read in a month? 
More than I should. Approximately 10 to 15

If you could be trapped on an island for one whole day with any book boyfriend who would it be?
All of them. No, really I don’t think I could ever pick.  But when I think of a good book boyfriend I always think of Gunner from Wanted by Kelly Elliott.

Do you prefer paperbacks or e-books?

Both, I read on my e-reader and get the paperbacks to be signed and displayed on my bookshelves.
Boy next door or Bad boy?
Well today I would say bad boy.

Which female character from which book to do find that you most relate to?
Oh my goodness I don’t know.  I seem to find a little of me in each character.  I try to relate to the characters I am reading to help me connect with the book.

All-time favorite book quote?
“Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Because without the ugly, there would be no beauty. Because without beauty, we would not survive our pain, our sorrow and our suffering.”

If you could have an author write a book using any male celebrity as their muse, who would it be?
That’s easy Channing Tatum.

What is your biggest turn-off in a romance novel?

A whinny heroine that causes trouble.  Drives me nuts.

Are there any topics that you haven't seen in a book that you would like to read about? 
I read everything so I think I have pretty much covered it all but I am sure there are still a few out there that can surprise me.

For your book boyfriends… Do you prefer them covered in tattoos and piercings or clean cut?
I can take them either way.  It’s all about the personality for me.  I have to be swooned.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

I try not to because I have read some phenomenal books that just didn’t have a cover that grabbed my attention.
What’s your trigger word (a word that you stumble upon in a book that makes you stop and say, ”Did I really just read that correctly?” I come across a lot of these during sex scenes)

To tell you the truth I have read some pretty racy books so I have read my fair share of very inventive naughty words. I can’t pick one off the top of my head but when they use food to describe body parts I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity.

When it comes to sex scenes are you:

a. Hand me a fan, I can’t take my eyes off the pages of this book!

b. Ahhhh they're so in love, I’d like to hear about some of the details.

c.    Close the door I know what they're doing but I could use my own imagination, thank you very much!
A. Please give me all the dirty details.  Though in some books it is not called for and would ruin the book so I am flexible with the sex scenes.

If you could have one book turned into a movie and you could pick the actors to play the parts, which book would it be and which actors would you choose.

Familiar Ground by Michelle Lynn
Adam - Channing Tatum
Leah – Hayden Panettiere
And last but not least, totally not book related but just something I always like to ask people...What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Robin Hood – The cartoon with the fox and bear.  All time favorite.  I still know all the songs.

Thank you Shanean for letting us get to know you a little better!!