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Monday, January 28, 2013

7 Line Challenge!

Okay so I was tagged into this 7 line challenge by another writer,  Dawn Husted. The challenge is for me to pick seven lines from page 7 or 77 of one of my novels and post it.
Here is a sneak peek of the first 7 lines of page 77 of my new book that I have just completed and hope to have out in the spring!  Hope you enjoy!

“Yes, you can’t look all smokin’ hot and wear those granny panties that you wear underneath that dress,” she said.
I watched as the salesman immediately shook his head. “Oh no, you definitely have to wear the sexy undies, no granny panties.”
“I don’t wear granny panties,” I said in defense as Donna rolled her eyes at me.
“Fine!”  I handed the salesman my credit card. This surely was an expensive lesson that I was going to be teaching Dailan O’Maley, my only hope was that it didn’t backfire on me!

Like my FB Page for updates of when it will be out!

If you want to play along leave a comment with your blog address and I will tag you!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just another manic.....Sunday?

Yeah, I know, that's not how the song goes! Let me start out by saying, good morning everyone! Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! I'm just sitting here with my cup of coffee trying to motivate myself to brave the cold and go food shopping!  Another thing I'm trying to brave is logging onto the online grading system to check my boys' grades.  Somehow you know it's not going to be good when the mere mention of logging on, causes them to to scatter like cockroaches! Something tells me I'm going to need a 2nd cup of coffee before I do this or maybe something stronger.....but it's too early for that - isn't it??

I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!  I'm trying to think of another fun Facebook contest so stay tuned for details!! If you're not on my Facebook Page go to it and give a like so you won't miss out on the fun!! 

Let me apologize ahead of time to anyone one who is in a twenty mile radius of my home - Put your headphones in now! I'm going in to check those grades and you just may hear me screaming!

Friday, January 25, 2013

The up side of winter?

Now, I'm not going to say that I prefer winter over any of the other season's - because I don't! But since it's something we all have to deal with, well not all of us, if you are one of the fortunate ones that live in a warm climate all year round.  I'm directing this to the people who must endure the cold, dreary, bang your head against the wall months of January, February and March.  I know what your thinking.....I'm not making a good case for my title.  Well, believe it or not, there are some good things about winter:

  • No humidity, which means better hair days
  • Coffee always taste better in the winter (oh who am I kidding coffee always taste good no matter what time of year it is) But hot chocolate does!
  • Snow covered trees make a beautiful photo op 
  • A winter sky at sunrise can take your breath away and not just because it's cold (see photo above)
  • If you have a coat fetish like me - you finally get to break all of them out and accessorize with boots, hats scarves and gloves
  • You burn more calories walking in the cold (okay, I just made that up, but it sounded good)
  • You don't encounter those annoying people that ask "Is it hot enough for you?" on a hundred degree day (but you do encounter those that ask "cold enough for you?" on a 10 degree day)
  • you don't have to mow the lawn
  • The beach is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer - and a lot less crowded!

Okay, that should be making you feel a little better on this freezing cold day....right?  Yeah, me neither! I'd much rather be here:

It was worth a try! Happy Friday!  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


While going through some old papers last night, I came across a folder full of my old poems. It was fun to read them all over again after all these years.  I had forgotten about a lot of them, so it was like reading them for the very first time. One in particular put a smile on my face. I'm hoping that it puts a smile on your face too. For those of you who suffer from it directly or indirectly (like my husband) this is for you:

That time of month is drawing near, my family is overcome with fear.

Such a wave of emotions I never knew that I had, one minute happy, the next minute sad.

My clothes are fitting tighter than they normally do, I blame it on the dryer and believe that it's true.

First I long for something salty, then for something sweet.  As I raid the kitchen cabinets, finally admitting my defeat.

It only comes but once a month, so try not to stress. Just buckle up, get ready for another round of PMS.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sometimes It's Better To Leave a Good Thing Alone!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope many of you were lucky enough to extend the weekend and have the day off like me! 

So, last week in one of my blog posts I had told all of you I was working on book 3, which would be a continuation of book 2. Well, after watching a bad sequel to a very good first movie, I may have to rethink that plan!  Let me start from the beginning:

I Love Liam Neeson, he is one of my favorite actors.  I will watch any movie that he's in, just because he's in it! So, I really enjoyed the movie Taken, not only because he was in it, but because it was a good action movie. Okay, maybe it was a little far fetched, but what action movie isn't?  So when Taken 2 came out in the movies I was really excited and as hard as tried, I just never made it to the movies before it was out of theaters. So, I waited for weeks for it to come out on DVD and finally the other day it was out!  My husband the movie junkie that he is, bought it for me. So the other night I set the mood - I got in my sweats, made a bowl of popcorn, settled into my favorite corner of the couch and popped the movie in!  All I can say is - that's ninety minutes of my life that I will never get back again!  This was definitely a movie that they should have just left alone without a sequel! 

Then I got to thinking, I absolutely LOVE my second book (hopefully you guys will be able to fall in love with it too in a few months) and sometimes it's better to leave a good thing alone instead of trying to expand on it.  I don't know, I'm still pondering this one!  Maybe, I'll just have to let my readers decide once they are done reading it and see what they think!  Keep watching my blog posts and Facebook Page for news on its release!  While you are waiting, fall in love with my current book The Exception To The Rule.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some Weekend Fun....

Hope everyone is off to a great weekend and that you all took advantage of my free Kindle download day yesterday! Now, I don't want to disturb you all from your reading, but this morning I took a little break from my usual monotonous Saturday morning routine of cleaning to start a little round robin on my Facebook page.  It started off good but now we are at a stand still so I need you guys to keep it going!  So take a few minutes from your Saturday and check out my Facebook page and add to the fun!! 

Who knows, maybe I may use some of this in my new book!  There may also be a free copy of my book for the person with the most creative post!

So, tear yourself away from your cleaning, the TV, my book (only for a second) and put your writing skills to use and see what we come up with!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

What's Your Type?

For all of you romance novel lovers. What is the most romantic book that you have ever read and more importantly,what is your favorite type of hero:

A) The sweet romantic, mushy, bring you flowers every day, kiss the ground you walk on kind of guy.

B) The rough around the edges kind of guy who starts out as jerk and eventually evolves into letter A.

C) The kind of guy your mother warned you about that doesn't quite evolve into letter A, but does grow on you in the end.

D) The weird, possessive, stalker kind of guy that has you gasping as you turn the pages, wondering what the hell is this girl thinking with a guy like that! But, somehow, someway 
wins your heart over in the end and has you thinking that maybe something is wrong with your for liking this freak!

I think I opt for letter B with a mix of C. I mean, don't get me wrong letter A is nice but a little competition is always fun. Besides, most letter A's don't really exist in real life......guess that's why it's called fiction!

So, I have a special treat for all of you Kindle people out there. The Kindle version of my book is free for a limited time! Don't have a Kindle? Download the Kindle app to your phone and read it on there!  So grab your Kindle (or your phone), fill it up and get to know Julian a little better!  Be sure to let me know what type of guy you think he is. If you decide to download it and I hope you do, please be sure to review on amazon for me when you're done!

Also, please stop by my Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/BethRinyu and give it a like. I have something really fun planned this weekend and you won't know unless your part of the page!

Have a great weekend, relax, drink lots of coffee, eat lots of chocolate and get lost within
 my book!

And Remember:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Period Problems

No, I'm not talking about what you're thinking!  I'm talking about the one that comes after a sentence!

I just read this article:    http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2011/01/space_invaders.html

Shared by a fellow facebook/goodreads/google+ friend    

Now back in the day, when computers were a thing of the future, we were always taught two spaces after a period.  Does everyone else remember this too?  My current book, my new book, and my new, new book (what I have typed of it) all have two spaces after the period!

Now, I know that I didn't pay attention in high school typing class. But the one golden rule that I always remembered was, 1 space after a comma and 2 spaces after a period.  Please tell me I'm not imaging this and that I did get something out of that typing class, instead of just getting yelled at by teacher for always fooling around with my best friend.  Anyone else remember this???

Seems like whenever this word is mentioned - it's nothing but aggravation!

Oh, and you will happy to know that my typing has improved tremendously since Mrs. Carl's 9th grade typing class!

Monday, January 14, 2013


So, I’m in the process of having my second book edited and actually wrote the first two chapters of a third book over the weekend.  I loved my second book so much and couldn't bear to say goodbye to the characters, that I decided to pick up where I left off with book two!  I got lots of idea’s floating around in my head for this third book, I’m just trying to manage my ADD and get them all in order!  I can’t wait until book two is ready to go – I had so much fun writing it and I just know that the readers will have just as much fun reading it!  I know that may sound a little overconfident of me to say, but I really am that convinced they will!  Stay tuned and check out my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BethRinyu for more details.

In the meantime check out book one that’s out now:

I know what your thinking, I'm throwing out way too many numbers for a Monday morning.  So, let me sum this up for everyone and myself as well:

Book one - The Exception to the Rule is available on Amazon now.

Book two - will hopefully be out in a few months (and has nothing to do with book one)

Book three - which is a continuation of book two is currently going on in my head and will soon be typed out in words!

Okay, I think I need another cup of coffee after that one!  Happy Monday everyone!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Bucket List

Right before my 40th birthday I devised a bucket list.  I figured since my bucket in life was half full, I better start getting together some things that I want to do before I get too old to do them!  I'm happy to report that two years after putting this together I have already checked off a few:

1.  Get a tattoo 

2.  See my book in print

3.  Trip to Ireland  

4.  Trip to England  

5.  House in Cape May -  Dependent on the success of #2 or if I win the lottery.

6. Marry Gerard Butler -  Yeah, Yeah....I know I'm married but I can dream!!

Well, I I've got at least thirty more years to achieve the rest while I'm still in my right frame of mind, with the exception of 6.  He'll be too old  for me by then.....I'll have to find someone younger to set my sites on, after all I'll only be 71!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Good Son....

I will never forget taking a trip to the mall when my boys were about six-months old and being a approached by an older woman who told me all about her twin boys, who were at the time forty-years-old.  When I asked her if her boys were identical her response was “identically ornery!” 

I looked down at my two little chubby cheeked babies in the stroller  and thought – my boys will never be ornery!  All I can say is….boy did I have a lot to learn!!  Now at fifteen-years-old and over six feet tall, they are far from those tiny little angelic cherubs who could do no wrong.  There  are days when I literally want to run off to an island all by myself, dig a hole and crawl into it to avoid the humiliation that they sometime cause me, sell them to the highest bidder, the lowest bidder, the UPS man….whoever! There have been many occasions where I've lost my voice from screaming at them, chased after them with a wooden spoon and threatened to go into school and embarrass them in front of all their friends – Carol Brady I am not! But I love my boys more than anything and no matter how angry they make me over the stunts that they pull, I always find laughter a few days later when I’m telling my family, friends or co-workers of their escapades. Even now they still cease to amaze me with some of the antics they pull!  Over the years everyone kept telling me to write all this stuff down.  So, I did and here a just a very select few sampling's of their Dennis the Menace tales that are fit to print:

The Meat Man

 My son Aidan idolized Woody from Toy Story. He would carry his Woody doll everywhere.  One day while food shopping, he came across a bottle of Johnson Baby Shampoo that had Woody as the lid.  I knew there was no way that I was going to get away without buying it, so I let him hold it while he sat in the front of the cart and I shopped. As we were coming up one aisle headed toward the meat case, I looked on in horror as the meat man who was carrying a tray of meat went falling to the ground as his tray of meat went everywhere. Underneath his feet......a trail of baby shampoo!

The Cap Gun

The first time my boys met my now husband, they were five-years-old. We went out to dinner and unbeknownst to me they had their cap guns in their pocket.  Imagine my surprise and everyone else's in the restaurant, when the cap guns started going off in the middle of dinner. A bigger surprise was when my husband actually asked me out for another date!

Fruit By The Foot Dealers

When my boys were in the 3rd grade, a letter went home notifying parents that sugary snacks were no longer allowed in school.  So what did my two little Donald Trumps do? Smuggled in Fruit by the Foots and sold them for $3.00 a pop!

Pop-Pops' Truck

The all-time best was when they were going through their construction worker phase and proceeded to dump piles and piles of dirt in their Pop-Pop's truck while he was supposed to be babysitting them, but chose to snooze in front of the TV instead.

Oh, there are many, many more stories where those came from. But since I'm not in the mood to embarrass them to badly today, I will stop right here and leave those for another day! 

The bigger they get, the bigger the mischief they get into!  I guess I am lucky to have just found my very first grey hair just the other day, seems to me I should have started with those years ago!  I know that years from now I will miss these days, but for now I will just hold my breath, say a prayer and hope to get through the next few years fairly unscathed! My wish for them is to have a girl who adores their mother and won’t put up with their nonsense! Who would have thought that my worst fear when I found out I was having boys would now become my biggest hope for them – DAUGHTER IN LAWS!!

So as their punishment continues for their latest escapade, I'm enjoying taking advantage of the free labor around the house.  So as we part today, I will leave you with a picture of……the good son!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Oh, nothing is more dreadful than the sound of the alarm clock on a cold Monday morning in the middle of winter. Leaving the comfort of your nice warm bed to face the very long week ahead has got to be right up there with a root canal! As you struggle with the anchors that are weighing down your tired eyes, fill your mind with happy thoughts.....coffee....the possibility of a beautiful sunrise....coffee!  Plus, you're one day closer to the weekend!  Hope this helped in some small way to chase away the Monday morning blues and be thankful that we only have to do it once a week!!

So here's wishing you all a very happy Monday!!!

What a Character!

Happy Sunday Morning!  Hope everyone is taking it a little slow this morning and taking extra time to enjoy that second cup of coffee! Me, I'm drinking up the last of my Pumpkin Spice coffee for the season and  re-reading the rough draft of my second book!  I finally have it right where I want it and I have to say - I am in love with this new book and the characters in it.  I'm hoping that my readers will feel the same way that I do when they read it. Nothing kills a good book (for me anyway) more than characters that you can't connect with.  I love books that pull me into them and make me feel like I know each character as if they were a friend or even an enemy of mine. It's so hard to say goodbye to your characters of one story and move on to the next. I'm eagerly trying to think of some idea's for book three. I've got lots of thoughts flowing, but nothing worth typing out in words.

So I guess I will just have to say goodbye to Nicole and Dailan and move onto my next saga! It's gong to  be hard, but I know I can do it, just a few months ago I thought that I could never depart from Kat and Julian. But as long as people keep reading my books, my characters will become new friends to them and always hold a place in my reader's heart - I hope!  I'm hoping to have this new book out in a few months - stay tuned for more details!  Until then, get to know Kat and Julian in my current book available on amazon!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Remember When.....

So excited to have found a channel that plays reruns of the Brady Bunch!  Every time I watch, it brings back so many memories for me!  I pride myself in being able to name the episode within the first 5 seconds of it coming on - I know I'm a dork!  

Who remembers:

  • Coming home from school, doing your homework, watching an hour of the Flinstones followed by an hour of the Brady Bunch.
  • Turning the knob on the tuner to move the antenna that was located on the roof of your house so the picture would come in tune.  3D TV what the heck was that? 
  • Using a rotary phone to talk your friends instead of typing in words and waiting for a reply.
  • Being able to crank call the boy or girl that you liked and hang up when they answered without them knowing who was calling. 
  • Looking up a word in a paper dictionary instead of dictionary.com.
  • Researching term-papers by sifting through the pages of an encyclopedia instead of surfing the internet. 
  • Tuesday night TV was Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and Three's Company.
  • When Laura Ingalls was the coolest girl around and Nellie Olsen was the meanest!
  • When the coolest video game was two lines that moved about, hitting a dot  back an forth.

Yes, maybe the kids of today have it a lot easier than we did, but do they have it better?  I  know I wouldn't trade my childhood and teenage memories in for any of the this newfangled technology or social media of today - would you?


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Five More Months Till Open Toed Shoes!!

Well it's here, January 2nd.  No more Christmas Carols, Christmas trees or holiday parties to look forward to, just the blah-blah days of winter!  So, in an effort to see the glass half-full.... only five more months until you can break out those cute little open toed shoes that are buried deep within your closet!  Maybe even sooner, for those of you that are lucky enough to live in a warm climate!  Here's a whimsical little poem I wrote years ago to honor my open toed shoes:

 Ode To My Opened Toe Shoes

The time has come to say goodbye, as I put you away I will try not to cry.
Our days of fun and sun have come to an end.  You will truly be missed, my faithful summer friend.
No more pretty pedicures or shimmering toe rings, heavy socks and big old boots is what the winter brings.
So I will sadly place you upon my closet floor, until summer rolls around again and we will meet once more.

So, here's hoping to warm toes, a speedy winter and a very happy new year!

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