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Friday, January 4, 2013

Remember When.....

So excited to have found a channel that plays reruns of the Brady Bunch!  Every time I watch, it brings back so many memories for me!  I pride myself in being able to name the episode within the first 5 seconds of it coming on - I know I'm a dork!  

Who remembers:

  • Coming home from school, doing your homework, watching an hour of the Flinstones followed by an hour of the Brady Bunch.
  • Turning the knob on the tuner to move the antenna that was located on the roof of your house so the picture would come in tune.  3D TV what the heck was that? 
  • Using a rotary phone to talk your friends instead of typing in words and waiting for a reply.
  • Being able to crank call the boy or girl that you liked and hang up when they answered without them knowing who was calling. 
  • Looking up a word in a paper dictionary instead of dictionary.com.
  • Researching term-papers by sifting through the pages of an encyclopedia instead of surfing the internet. 
  • Tuesday night TV was Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley and Three's Company.
  • When Laura Ingalls was the coolest girl around and Nellie Olsen was the meanest!
  • When the coolest video game was two lines that moved about, hitting a dot  back an forth.

Yes, maybe the kids of today have it a lot easier than we did, but do they have it better?  I  know I wouldn't trade my childhood and teenage memories in for any of the this newfangled technology or social media of today - would you?


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