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Friday, January 18, 2013

What's Your Type?

For all of you romance novel lovers. What is the most romantic book that you have ever read and more importantly,what is your favorite type of hero:

A) The sweet romantic, mushy, bring you flowers every day, kiss the ground you walk on kind of guy.

B) The rough around the edges kind of guy who starts out as jerk and eventually evolves into letter A.

C) The kind of guy your mother warned you about that doesn't quite evolve into letter A, but does grow on you in the end.

D) The weird, possessive, stalker kind of guy that has you gasping as you turn the pages, wondering what the hell is this girl thinking with a guy like that! But, somehow, someway 
wins your heart over in the end and has you thinking that maybe something is wrong with your for liking this freak!

I think I opt for letter B with a mix of C. I mean, don't get me wrong letter A is nice but a little competition is always fun. Besides, most letter A's don't really exist in real life......guess that's why it's called fiction!

So, I have a special treat for all of you Kindle people out there. The Kindle version of my book is free for a limited time! Don't have a Kindle? Download the Kindle app to your phone and read it on there!  So grab your Kindle (or your phone), fill it up and get to know Julian a little better!  Be sure to let me know what type of guy you think he is. If you decide to download it and I hope you do, please be sure to review on amazon for me when you're done!

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Have a great weekend, relax, drink lots of coffee, eat lots of chocolate and get lost within
 my book!

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