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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Blind Side Of Love is now available on Amazon for the special pre-order price of $2.99. The regular price will be $3.99 once it it is released on 10/13. So go ahead and one click, save a dollar, and have it delivered right to your kindle on release day! 

*Photography and teasers designed by Lindee Robinson Photography

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Have you met Will & Gabby from A Will to Change?

If not, ask yourself the following questions?

1) Do you love romance novels?

2) Do you enjoy friends to lovers romance books?

3) Do you like work for it romances? i.e they are not jumping into bed by the 2nd chapter and professing their undying love for each other after only meeting a day ago?

4) Do you adore strong lead female characters and hot firemen?

5)Does a book that can make you laugh, cry, swoon and want to throw your reading device sound like something you would enjoy?

6) Do you love a bargain?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions go check it out on Amazon. 

If you have answered yes to two of the questions then go read the reviews and see what others are saying about it

If you have answered yes to three more of these questions.....then hit that one click button! I promise you Will & Gabby will not disappoint!! 

Today is the last day to get this book for .99 cents and after today I will not be lowering the price again for a while. This book is a companion novel to A Cry For Hope but can be read as a stand alone.....but if you'd like to meet Hope first, I can assure you that her story is just as wonderful....just a few more.....okay, a lot more tears!

So to wrap things up if you want a book that will make you feel all kinds of emotions with my some of my best characters yet....then head on over to amazon and ONE CLICK!


Buy it. Read it. Love it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everything Old Is New Again.....To Someone

A few days ago I got a message from a future writer who was asking me for advice. ME? I was really flattered, I'm hardly Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel, so her message alone put a smile on my face. She had told me that she read everyone of my books and adored them which made my smile even bigger. I gave her the same advice that I had given to myself when I first started writing: 

1. Write the story for yourself, the way that you want it to be told as if no one else will ever read it. (because truthfully, I never did imagine that anyone besides my family and friends would ever read it, let alone LOVE it the way that readers have)Don't be afraid to pour your heart and soul into your writing for the world to see. And if you do it good enough, the reader will become immersed into your fictional world that you have created that all they can see are the characters that you've created while feeling the emotions that they are going through. 

2. NEVER, EVER forget who reads your books.....your readers! Remember the ones that were there for you from the very start and the new ones that will gain each day. (You may have written the greatest story in the world and that's a huge accomplishment but when you have others to share it with.....it becomes so much more meaningful). If you make it big.....remember your words that you have typed out and YOUR READERS are the ones that put you there - It's a joint effort!

So, after I sent this reply off to her, I received another message yesterday, from a brand new reader that had just read An Unplanned Lesson after she was caught by a Throwback Thursday excerpt that I had posted on my Facebook Page.

Dear Ms. Rinyu:
I spent the entire day reading An Unplanned Lesson after seeing a teaser the other night on your Facebook page. I cannot not tell you how much I enjoyed this book and I'm scratching my head wondering why this is the first book of yours that I have ever read. You created such deep and enjoyable characters in Dailan and Nicole. Every single one the characters in this book were so well thought out which pulled me into the book even further. I have since one clicked An Unplanned Life because I just have to see what's going to happen next for Dailan & Nicole and because I just am not ready to say goodbye to them! 

You have found yourself a new reader and I cannot wait to be introduced to more of your wonderful characters in all of your other books.

So with that, I now have a very important third bit of advice to add :

3. NEVER, EVER stop promoting your older books. Don't just focus on your newest release or a book that you plan on soon releasing. TREAT ALL OF YOUR BOOKS EQUALLY - the same way you would do with your children. Because to a brand new reader all of your books are new releases!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Blind Side of Love Cover Reveal and Giveaway

One summer.

One guy. 

One reckless act changed her world forever…..

My life as I knew it began on the day I met Drew Bryant. He taught me that it was okay to not always be perfect, that it was okay to loosen up and have a little fun in life, and that it was okay to fall in love.

My life as I knew it ended on the day I met Drew Bryant. He taught me that giving my heart to someone completely was the most dangerous thing I could ever do, and that the perfect world I was living in didn’t matter anymore without him in it. 

But the most important lesson that he taught me? A broken heart turns into a reckless one, and what we feel inside that heart at one particular moment can set our destiny, making us a stronger person, a weaker person, or leading us into a darkness from which we can never escape.

Cover image and design by: Lindee Robinson Photography
Models: Garrett A. Thierry & Megan A. George
Expected Release Date: 10/13/14




“Do you want to know what I see when I look at you?” The smile disappeared from her face and she nodded. I removed her hair clip, allowing her hair to fall down around her as I stared into her eyes. “I see a gorgeous woman with chestnut brown hair that falls to the middle of her back in natural, loose waves.” I gently tucked the strand that was hanging in her face behind her ear. “Her face is so beautiful that she doesn’t even need makeup. Her lips are a natural shade of red that no lipstick could ever match.” I could see her blushing every now and then, trying to hold back both a smile and tears. “But my favorite part of her is…. her eyes.  She has the most stunning eyes I have ever seen in my life. They remind me of the first really hot summer day and staring into a crystal clear swimming pool. The water looks so blue, so refreshing, and so inviting. You’re dying to jump in and cool off but you want to test the water first to make sure it’s okay. She swallowed hard as I leaned in and tasted her lips, unable to get enough of them. She opened her mouth, allowing my tongue access, and moved her hands down my back and I was instantly aching to be inside of her.
We were both breathing heavily as we ended our kiss. She placed her fingers on her bottom lip before sucking it in. “Is the water okay, Mason?”
“It’s perfect. What about for you?”
She nodded. “But I’m a little afraid. I haven’t swam in a while and the last time I did, I nearly drowned.”
           I took her hands in mine. “I promise you, Becca, I won’t let you go under."


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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Tear Drop Scale.....Updated

This post is an oldie but goodie I did several years ago. I've updated it to include some of my newer books. If you need a good cry or laugh....check it out!

Studies show that a good cry is good for you...so do something healthy for yourself! Think of my books as an emotional workout! I used the teardrop scale to rate the intensity of the work out that you will receive! So, whatever kind of cry you are in the mood for, big or small....I got ya covered:

Easy Silence:

5 HUMONGOUS tear drops (Super intense: river of teardrops. May cause a massive headache, severe swollen eyes, and some therapy after reading)

A Cry For Hope: 

 5 tear drops ( Intense: Do not apply any eye make up prior to reading this story, unless you want to be mistaken for a raccoon. Read this when you are completely alone with a box of tissues or better yet, a roll of Bounty paper towels)

A Cry For Hope

The Exception To The Rule:

4 Tear Drops (Moderate: You may ruin your eye makeup while reading, so apply at your own risk.  Box of tissues nearby but there are breaks in the sadness that will allow your eyes to clear up and look somewhat human between cries)
The Exception To The Rule

 The rest are all 3 Tear Drops (Mild: Eye makeup should survive. A few tissues from the box will be needed nearby to dab you eyes every now and then. You will easily be able to disguise your crying by saying that you have something in your eye if someone else walks in the room while you are reading)

Drowning In Love

Blind Side of Love

A Right to Remain

Thursday Afternoon

When Autumn Ends

If you'd rather laugh instead (but I can't promise that there won't be a few tears mixed in among the laughter) 

Consider these books the cool down portion of your workout:

An Unplanned Lesson/Life

An Unplanned Lesson
An Unplanned Life


A Will To Change

A Will To Change

When The Chips Are Down

Keepin' The Faith

*These workouts are all available through Kindle Unlimited.