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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Exception To The Rule "New & Improved"

My very first book got a little face lift both inside and out courtesy of LKO Designs & Judy's Proofreading. After reading Kat & Julian's story again a few months ago, it clearly showed that it was my very first book I'd ever written. Since I love this story line so much, I reworked it, tightened it up and cut out a few thousand unnecessary words without changing the story one bit. Since I felt as if the picture on the original cover depicted the book so well, I didn't want to change it. So, she updated it, gave it a much nicer font...and I'm totally in love with this cover now! If you haven't read Kat & Julian's story or even if you have already....try the new and improved version. It's the perfect summer read.