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Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Unplanned Life Is Available!

It took me a while to decide about releasing this book early. I had it all ready to go and even though my release date was only a week away it felt like eternity. So, I decided to hit the publish button after driving a few of my friends crazy as to whether I should do it or not. After I saw all of the responses and how happy everyone was that I decided to do it, I knew that I made the right choice!!

So, I want to thank all of my loyal readers who have taken the time to message me to tell me how much they enjoy my books or taken the time to write reviews. You guys are the best and I love that something that I LOVE doing make you guys so happy! 

As of right now An Unplanned Life is live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. An Unplanned Lesson is on sale for .99 cents until Sunday.  I will be working on getting it on itunes and Smashwords. I hope all of my little Dailan O'Maley lovers love him just as much in this book as they did in first!!

Have a great day & Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cover Reveal & Trailer for Bare Hearts

Well, it's been a while since I blogged anything so I thought today would be the perfect time to jump back in!

Devon Youngblood will be releasing her second novel Bare Hearts on December 13th. I really enjoyed her debut novel Coming Back to You so I am very happy to share her beautiful cover and trailer for Bare Hearts:

Life can change in an instant.

When twenty-two year old Lily receives a devastating phone call, her life is sent into a whirlwind. Still holding on to hope, she meets Parker in the most unlikely place, where the two experience a special connection. 

Home from the Army after a four year stint Parker faces a tough decision whether or not to reenlist. While his life is spiraling downward from his own devastation, his only coping mechanism is living life on the edge. 

It’s not until later on when the two meet again in an unusual place that they realize their connection is too strong to resist. Brought together by tragedy, they hang on to each other as they start to slowly face their futures. 

Their toughest obstacle is yet to come when Parker realizes that he has been harboring a secret that could shatter Lily's world. Can they cope with their losses together or will the secret be too much to bare? 

Or can love really conquer all?

Trailer for Bare Hearts

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