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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I'm sorry for being so remiss in updating my blog posts! But I feel compelled to write this post and give my heartfelt thanks to everyone that took the time to help with the release of A Cry For Hope whether it was pimping it out or leaving beautiful reviews and messages.....it really means a lot! I truly do have the best readers! So I'm sending each and everyone of you a great big:

Please remember if you have read A Cry for Hope or any of my books PLEASE leave a review on Amazon or whatever outlet you purchased them from. For those of you that leave a review for A Cry For Hope message me the link to the review and I will mail you out some pretty bookmarks!! 


Monday, March 10, 2014

The Countdown Continues....

Four more days until A Cry For Hope! I'm feeling like a kid who still believes in Santa Claus at Christmas. I seriously cannot wait to share this story with all of you! From the day that I began writing this book five months ago I dreamed about the day that it would finally be in the hands of everyone else to read. 

So, the fact that it's Monday morning and the start of a new work week doesn't even bother me because I know that means I'm one day closer to putting my book into your hands!! 

If you haven't already please RSVP and celebrate on Friday....lots of fun, games and prizes!

A Cry For Hope Release Day Party

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Is Going To Be Exciting!!

Well, we made through the two worst months of the year (in my opinion). So, now we can start looking forward to spring....I hope! Even if the weatherman says that spring isn't in the air just yet.....there's still other exciting things going on this months in my fictional world:

March 7th is An Unplanned Lesson's 1st birthday. Can you believe that Dailan O'Maley has only been around for a year? It seems like we've known him forever. Keep your eyes peeled for a little giveaway to help Dailan and Nicole celebrate their day! 

March 14th I will be releasing A Cry For Hope and I cannot wait! I am so happy with the feedback that I have been receiving from the advanced readers so far. I know it sounds mean but....I love to make people cry while reading my books. To celebrate the release of A Cry for Hope there will also be a release party. Dress is VERY CASUAL, you can drink as much as you want and don't have to worry about driving and did I mention....lots of great games, giveaways and prizes! You can RSVP here: CLICK HERE AND SAY YOU WILL COME

I'll even bring the music.....check out the playlist that I put together for A Cry For Hope. Yes, I'm patting my computer challenged self on the back for figuring this out: A Cry For Hope Playlist

Hope all of you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!