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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Have you met Will & Gabby from A Will to Change?

If not, ask yourself the following questions?

1) Do you love romance novels?

2) Do you enjoy friends to lovers romance books?

3) Do you like work for it romances? i.e they are not jumping into bed by the 2nd chapter and professing their undying love for each other after only meeting a day ago?

4) Do you adore strong lead female characters and hot firemen?

5)Does a book that can make you laugh, cry, swoon and want to throw your reading device sound like something you would enjoy?

6) Do you love a bargain?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions go check it out on Amazon. 

If you have answered yes to two of the questions then go read the reviews and see what others are saying about it

If you have answered yes to three more of these questions.....then hit that one click button! I promise you Will & Gabby will not disappoint!! 

Today is the last day to get this book for .99 cents and after today I will not be lowering the price again for a while. This book is a companion novel to A Cry For Hope but can be read as a stand alone.....but if you'd like to meet Hope first, I can assure you that her story is just as wonderful....just a few more.....okay, a lot more tears!

So to wrap things up if you want a book that will make you feel all kinds of emotions with my some of my best characters yet....then head on over to amazon and ONE CLICK!


Buy it. Read it. Love it.

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