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Friday, July 25, 2014

Blog Spotlight #5 - Just One More Romance

And for the last blog spotlight (but certainly not least) meet Shanean from Just One More Romance

Tell everyone a little about your blog and how it was formed:

Just One More Romance is a book blog all about romance books.  We love romance and read it all.  After many years of reading I decided to give reviewing a try so I started JOMR for fun.  It has been a wonderful adventure and I am so blessed with such an outstanding blog team.  But what I have enjoyed the most is meeting all these new authors, bloggers and readers. JOMR wouldn’t be a success without all of them.

What was the very first book that you've read that made you realize your love of books?
The one that started it all was Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts.  That one book I will never forget and still re-read over and over again.

Do you remember the very first book you reviewed?

I wish I did.  I would love to go back and read through my reviews to see how much they have changed over the years.

How many books on average do you read in a month? 
More than I should. Approximately 10 to 15

If you could be trapped on an island for one whole day with any book boyfriend who would it be?
All of them. No, really I don’t think I could ever pick.  But when I think of a good book boyfriend I always think of Gunner from Wanted by Kelly Elliott.

Do you prefer paperbacks or e-books?

Both, I read on my e-reader and get the paperbacks to be signed and displayed on my bookshelves.
Boy next door or Bad boy?
Well today I would say bad boy.

Which female character from which book to do find that you most relate to?
Oh my goodness I don’t know.  I seem to find a little of me in each character.  I try to relate to the characters I am reading to help me connect with the book.

All-time favorite book quote?
“Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Because without the ugly, there would be no beauty. Because without beauty, we would not survive our pain, our sorrow and our suffering.”

If you could have an author write a book using any male celebrity as their muse, who would it be?
That’s easy Channing Tatum.

What is your biggest turn-off in a romance novel?

A whinny heroine that causes trouble.  Drives me nuts.

Are there any topics that you haven't seen in a book that you would like to read about? 
I read everything so I think I have pretty much covered it all but I am sure there are still a few out there that can surprise me.

For your book boyfriends… Do you prefer them covered in tattoos and piercings or clean cut?
I can take them either way.  It’s all about the personality for me.  I have to be swooned.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

I try not to because I have read some phenomenal books that just didn’t have a cover that grabbed my attention.
What’s your trigger word (a word that you stumble upon in a book that makes you stop and say, ”Did I really just read that correctly?” I come across a lot of these during sex scenes)

To tell you the truth I have read some pretty racy books so I have read my fair share of very inventive naughty words. I can’t pick one off the top of my head but when they use food to describe body parts I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity.

When it comes to sex scenes are you:

a. Hand me a fan, I can’t take my eyes off the pages of this book!

b. Ahhhh they're so in love, I’d like to hear about some of the details.

c.    Close the door I know what they're doing but I could use my own imagination, thank you very much!
A. Please give me all the dirty details.  Though in some books it is not called for and would ruin the book so I am flexible with the sex scenes.

If you could have one book turned into a movie and you could pick the actors to play the parts, which book would it be and which actors would you choose.

Familiar Ground by Michelle Lynn
Adam - Channing Tatum
Leah – Hayden Panettiere
And last but not least, totally not book related but just something I always like to ask people...What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Robin Hood – The cartoon with the fox and bear.  All time favorite.  I still know all the songs.

Thank you Shanean for letting us get to know you a little better!!

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