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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blog Spotlight #2 - Three Chicks and Their Books

Now, meet the girls from Three Chicks and Their Books. These ladies cracked me up with some of their answers.

 Tell everyone a little about your blog and how it was formed:

Lisa: Well Jen and I were in the same reading group but had never talked before. I had sent out a request to borrow a certain title and she answered it. We started to talk about the series, (I had actually read the series backwards!) that led to some quiry discussions and we bonded from that point on. We would toss around ideas for a blog based on some of the things we wanted to change that other blogs were doing. One day, Jen messaged me and said we had a Facebook page! We tested out lots of names until we came up with Three Chicks and Their Books.

Jen:  Yes this is true. We met when I loaned Lisa a book.  I thought it was a little odd that she read the series backwards but after meeting Lisa I have found myself skipping to the end of a book every now and then, just to make sure it’s a HEA.  It seems so strange but there are times when it just has to be done.  Lol  

In regards to the blog, we had talked about it several times and one day coming up with a name I decided to create a Facebook page and here we are. 

 What was the very first book that you've read that made you realize your love of books?

Lisa: I was an avid Nancy Drew fan so my love for books came at an early age devouring that series, hiding under the covers with a flashlight way past my bedtime!

Jen: I was never much of a reader.  To be honest I hated to read.  Every once in a blue moon I would find a YA book that I enjoyed but other than that I would rather watch TV than read a book.  When Fifty Shades came out I kept seeing everyone post about it on Facebook and wanted to see what all of the buzz was about.  I read it and loved it and then read it two more times after that.  After that I moved on to another book and have been reading ever since.  It has become a passion and a bit of an obsession. 

 Do you remember the very first book you reviewed?

Lisa: The first official book right before we started Three Chicks was Michelle Valentine's Rock the Heart. We had become friends on FB and she wanted me to have the arc to review.

Jen:  Wow! I have to think about this one.  I think my first review that was not for the blog was Thoughtless by SC Stephens.  For the blog I think my first review was for Overwhelm Me by AC Marchman

How many books on average do you read in a month?

Lisa: I read at least one book every other day, some are for the blog, some are just for my reading pleasure. From the time I was a kid I was always a fast reader, so I can start a book that's 200-250 pages at 10:00 at night and finish it in one sitting. (Of course I might be asleep at my desk the next day at work!)

Jen:  I would say I read on average three to four books a week. 

 If you could be trapped on an island for one whole day with any book boyfriend who would it be?

Lisa: No brainer..I have to be sandwiched between Samantha Towle's Jake Wethers and Nicole Williams' Jude Ryder (I know, you asked for one, but this is my island fantasy and I need both!)

Jen:  Just one? That is too hard. Hmmmmm…..I think I would have to go with one of my first loves, SC Stephens Kellan Kyle but I can’t just stop at him.  Jodi Ellen Malpas’ Jesse Ward, K. Bromberg’s Colton Donavan and Beth Ehemann’s Brody Murphy.  Yes I picked four for just one day.  But really, who can choose just one.  I like a little variety J

 Do you prefer paperbacks or e-books?

Lisa: E-books are more convenient. My Kindle has 1200 titles on it, I would need a U-haul to carry that many paperbacks! But, there is something about a paperback that I love-the smell of the paper, the feel of the cover...e-books will
never replace that special feeling.

Jen: E-books for me.  I love my I-pad and I always tell my husband that it is one of the best Christmas gifts that he has ever given me. I would be completely lost without it.   I love that I can just click a button and add another book to my ever growing TBR list.   But I also have a collection of signed paperbacks as well.  I have a bookshelf filled with signed books from my favorite authors. 

Boy next door or Bad boy?

Lisa: Hands down-Bad Boy. My mom used to say to me that there
were two kinds of guys-the Flames and the Vegetables. Everyone knows vegetables are good for you, but who can resist the draw of the flame?

Jen:  I am going to say both for this one.  Yes I love a bad boy who is broken and damaged, a man whore, who finds the right woman and falls in love.  But I have also fallen in love with the boy next door as well.  One book that comes to mind is Flat Out Love by Jessica Parker, which I loved.  Matty the main character was a little nerdy but I completely fell for him.  There is just something about the sweet guy next door that I can’t help but love.

 Which female character from which book to do find that you most relate to?

Lisa: Tie between Margaret Mitchell's Scarlett O'Hara and Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett.

Jen:  That is a tough one.  There are female characters that I can relate two for different reasons.  For example Nicole in An Unplanned Life because as a mother and wife I could completely relate to her life.   Or the female characters in Wendy Ferraro’s books because they aren’t flawless.  They have imperfections and insecurities, two things that I think most women can relate to.  It’s so hard to pick just one. 

 All-time favorite book quote?

Lisa: "After all, tomorrow is another day." Gone With the Wind

Jen:  This is a quote that for some reason I will always remember.  “ I love you, Sunshine.  And I don’t give a shit whether you want me to or not.” -   Josh Bennett The Sea of Tranquility.

 If you could have an author write a book using any male celebrity as their muse, who would it be?

Lisa: Ryan Gosling...just because...

Jen:  Oh boy.  I am going with Matt Bomer.  I just love him and to me he was Christian Grey. 

 What is your biggest turn-off in a romance novel?

Lisa: I have lots of these: I cannot stand when the hero tells the heroine to come on command (if it were that easy life would be quite different!) I hate when the hero tears the condom with his teeth (don't they know that there is a little notch in the corner that tears quite easily?) I hate when the heroine bites her lip (come on that one has been done to death!) and my biggest pet peeve is the obsessing over the size of the guys junk..bigger is not necessarily better!

Jen:  I am not a big fan of cheating at all.  Will I read a book that has cheating in it?  Absolutely.  And nine times out of ten I forgive the guy and still love him in the end.  There are certain situations where I completely understand why cheating was in the book.  But the “I was drunk and couldn’t resist or cannot remember  what happened cheating” drives me crazy.  And when the main characters break up and the guy goes and “tries” to have sex to forget her, also makes me nuts.  I have read plenty of books with cheating but for me personally I need a spoiler when it comes to cheating.  My issue is usually with the guy cheating.  Only because I fall in love with him, he is completely perfect and then goes and does something stupid like cheating…lol  Just kills me every time. 

 Are there any topics that you haven't seen in a book that you would like to read about?

Lisa: No, I think there are hundreds of variations for love stories but I think most basic topics have been covered.

Jen:  I agree with Lisa.

 For your book boyfriends… Do you prefer them covered in tattoos and piercings or clean cut?

Lisa: Tats all the way baby! Piercings optional.

Jen:  Tats all the way!!  I find it sexy in books and in real life!  Just something about a man with tats.  Piercings I find sexy but depends where – I love a guy with a tongue or eyebrow piercing.  But I will take a sexy clean cut guy any day of the week as well. 

 Do you judge a book by its cover?

Lisa: Absolutely, without a doubt! Any one who tells you that the cover isn't important to attracting readers is crazy-I've bought books I never would have bought based on the blurb because I wanted to lick the cover.

Jen:  Yes and no.  The first thing that draws me to a book is definitely the cover.  If the cover is sexy of course I will look to see if it is something I want to read.  I have purchased many books because of the cover.  But there are also some books where the covers were not so hot but the reviews alone peaked my interest.  So yes it is the first thing I look at but I

What’s your trigger word (a word that you stumble upon in a book that makes you stop and say, ”Did I really just read that correctly?” I come across a lot of these during sex scenes)

Lisa: anal..anal is the new orange these days. I imagine proctologists are in ass play heaven these days with the shift from vag sex to anal in storylines. I don't have a preference either way, (in books anyway!) just pointing out it's the new obligatory sex scene lately.

Jen:  During sex scenes there are certain words for me that just ruin it for me.  Honestly, the words cunt and prick are two words that I hate in sex scenes.  To me those words have other uses and just ruin sex scenes for me…lol  Oh and juices, yeah that one drives me nuts. 

 When it comes to sex scenes, are you:

Hand me a fan, I can’t take my

Ahhhh they're so in love, I’d like to hear about some of the details.

Close the door I know what they're doing but I could use my own imagination, thank you very much!

Lisa: Hand me a fan, a glass of ice water and a BOB! (ok, the battery operated boyfriend isn't always necessary)

Jen:  Ahhh they’re so in love, I’d like to hear about the details.  Don’t get me wrong I love a hot and steamy sex scene just as much as the next person. I did read Fifty Shades three times in a row. But I am such a sucker for the emotion between two characters.  There is such a thing as too much sex in a book for me. 

 If you could have one book turned into a movie and you could pick the actors to play the parts, which book would it be and which actors would you choose?

Lisa: Arsen. Henry Cavill for Arsen, Ryan Reynolds for Ben and Jennifer Lawrence for Cathy

Jen:  I am horrible at choosing actors to play the parts of characters in a book. But as far as a book goes I would have to say Hopeless by Colleen Hoover.

 And last but not least, totally not book related but just something I always like to ask people...What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Lisa: Beauty and the Beast. I want Belle's library!

Jen:  The Little Mermaid

Thank you so much for the laughs and allowing us to get to know you guys better!! Be sure to keep up to date with Jen and Lisa on:

Make sure you give their Facebook page a like......Jen may doing a little flash giveaway later on today!

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