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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blog Spotlight #3 - The Whispering Pages Book Blog

Meet Donna from The Whispering Pages Book Blog in today's blog spotlight:

Tell everyone a little about your blog and how it was formed:

The Whispering Pages Book Blog began August 2013.  It was formed out of my love for reading and sharing the works of authors. After promoting and interacting with authors and other bloggers it just seemed like the next course of action.  To get my feet wet I guest reviewed for another blog.

What was the very first book that you've read that made you realize your love of books?

The first book that started my reading frenzy would honestly have to be Danielle Steele’s The Promise. I read that book while I was in high school and it has always stayed with me.  Of course as life takes over I found less time to read but reawakened by passion in 2012 and haven’t been without my kindle since.

Do you remember the very first book you reviewed?

The first book I reviewed for the blog would have been Scarlett Jade’s Beautiful Downfall.  However, the first review I wrote after returning to reading and realizing how important reviews were was for Jamie McQuire’s Beautiful Disaster.
How many books on average do you read in a month?

For the Blog that number honestly varies depending on the release date of the many “must read” authors I follow.  There are just some authors that I will move my schedule around for.  There have been months when I have reviewed for as little as 5 tours and as many as 10.  Reading for “me” is usually easier with fewer tours. 

If you could be trapped on an island for one whole day with any book boyfriend who would it be?

Jesse Ward from Jodi Ellen Malpas’ This Man Series.  That man is like no other alpha I have met and he could trample me any day of the week.  3…2…1…Zero Baby! 

Do you prefer paperbacks or e-books?

I prefer to read e-books but only for the convenience and the fact that I would hate to mess up my print copies.  I will purchase the paperbacks of books I loved with the goal to meet the author and have it signed.  I love adding signed paperbacks to my bookshelves.

Boy next door or Bad boy?

It honestly depends on my mood.  I tend to lean towards the bad boys.  They are usually more angst filled and captivate me quicker.  However, the boy next door can usually sweep me off my feet too!

Which female character from which book to do find that you most relate to?

Most relate to not sure, recently related to was Hope in A Cry for Hope.  I have a son approximately “Charlie’s” age and could easily adapt the story and Hope’s feelings to my own life.  The story held such truth and feeling that it was hard not to relate.

All-time favorite book quote?

If it was up to me, I’d make the world disappear and it would be just us.  Just you and me.  ~ M. Leighton

What is your biggest turn-off in a romance novel?

Insta-love and Love Triangles pretty much kill a book for me. I absolutely hate it when couples fall so quickly.  I know it’s a novel but I like it to be genuine.  Love triangles….kill me!  I generally choose the one who loses in the end and I am not a fan of cheating.

For your book boyfriends… Do you prefer them covered in tattoos and piercings or clean cut?

I like my fair share of both, but I will usually lean towards a tattooed/pierced man first.  They are usually a little more intriguing and dangerous. 

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Absolutely!  I am not afraid to admit that the Cover is the first thing I look at.  If it gets my attention I look further.

What’s your trigger word (a word that you stumble upon in a book that makes you stop and say,”Did I really just read that correctly?” I come across a lot of these during sex scenes)

Sometimes the “terms” used to describe the intimate parts of a couple make me stop and take notice.  I recently read a series where I actually found myself cringing at the terminology.  I can understand wanting to be “different” but sometimes going with the norm is best.

 When it comes to sex scenes are you:

a. Hand me a fan, I can’t take my eyes off the pages of this book! Love me some steamy scenes, especially when done right!

b. Ahhhh they're so in love, I’d like to hear about some of the details.

c. Close the door I know what they're doing but I could use my own imagination, thank you very much!

And last but not least, totally not book related but just something I always like to ask people...What’s your favorite Disney movie?

My absolute favorite Disney movie is Beauty and The Beast.

Thank you so much Donna for allowing us to get to know you a little better!
Be sure to keep in touch with Donna and find out about all her recommended reads: