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Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Best Attempt At Dr. Seuss

Here's a little poem that I wrote years ago when my boys were little and my dad would babysit! He would always fall asleep and they would get in tons of mischief.....hope you enjoy!


It was a damp and dark dreary day, much too cold for outside play. 
 So Stephan and Aidan took out their toys, they were two very messy boys.

They had trucks and trains all over the floor; they even decided to fingerprint their door.

They heard their pop-pop call up the stairs, “are you guys making a mess up there?”

“Nope not me!” they both replied, both getting a little nervous, knowing that they lied.

They decided it was time to have a little snack,
 so Aidan said to Stephan, “I’ll be right back.”

So down to the kitchen Aidan did sneak and into the living room he took a peek. 
 Pop-pop had fallen asleep in the chair as the sound of the TV filled the air.

Aidan arrived back in the room, with more junk food than they both could consume.

There were chips and popcorn spilled all over the place and chocolate cupcakes smeared on their face.

The party continued all through the day until they heard their mom’s car pulling in, to their dismay.

They looked at each other with confusion and shock. Was it already five o’clock?

When Mom walked in, she sensed trouble in the air, 
as pop-pop sit there snoring in the chair.

The cat pranced by with peanut butter stuck to his tail and it didn’t take mom long to follow the trail.

Mom opened the door afraid of what she would see and there were her two boys both saying “It wasn’t me!”

In her hand, were tickets to the “sold out” baseball game and when the boys looked outside the weather wasn’t the same.

The sun was shining not a cloud in the sky, everything outside was beginning to dry.

“Let’s leave now!” Aidan began to stress.
Mom replied, “not until you clean up this mess.”

“But we’ll miss the game!”  Stephan pouted.
“Then you’ll only have yourselves to blame,” Mom shouted

So three hours later the clean up was done. 
They had missed the ballgame and all of the fun.

Later that night as Mom tucked them into bed.  “I am very upset” Stephan said.

“Me too!” Aidan cried.
“Then next time be a little neater,” Mom replied

Mom gave them a hug and a kiss good night;
 then walked out the room and turned off the light.

Tossing and turning as they lay in bed, thoughts of the day went through their head. They thought of when pop-pop would watch them once more; and the fun filled day that would be in store!

My inspirations for this poem.....would love to have them that small again - minus the mischief!

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