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Friday, February 1, 2013

If only life was fiction.....

Lets face it, most of us read to escape our humdrum life and become the character within the pages of the book that we're engrossed in.  Now, we all know that in real life, Christian Grey or Vampires that turn to diamonds in the sun don't really exist....right?

I not only like to read about these characters, but I also like to create them when I'm writing   But it never seems to fail, whenever I'm in the middle of writing a really steamy love scene, I'll hear "Mom....mom". Why is it, that my kids don't even know I exist until I'm deep within the pages of writing out an act of passion? So, I turn a couple shades of red, quickly close my laptop, and try to look innocent. I know they are teenagers and probably know a lot more about these things than I think (it better be from hearsay or health class and not experience!). But in every child's mind, they are the Immaculate Conception, their Mom doesn't do those things and certainly shouldn't be writing about them....right? Talk about a major buzz kill!

But the ultimate creativity killer is when you're trying to write a description of your leading man. You know - tall, dark, handsome, sexy, killer body (feel free to insert whatever adjective you like here).  The whole time, your wishing he could jump out of your computer screen as you're typing the the words that are creating him!  All the while your husband is sitting on the couch next to you, shoving potato chips in his mouth. Picking the crumbs from said potato chips out of his teeth and making no attempt to conceal his need to expel gas, from both ends (yes, sad to say that is not fiction).  Isn't that so romantic? I know one thing..... it's enough to give me writer's block for quite a few days!  

So when I came across this picture I couldn't help but think how apropos:

Luckily, we will always have these books and the character in them, to escape from the cold, stark reality of.... real life!

Happy Friday and don't forget today is:

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