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Monday, March 30, 2020

Travel In Your Mind

Monday, Monday!! Does it even matter what day of the week it is anymore. Everyday seems like the movie Groundhog Day. This week is my week to work from home, and I never thought I'd say this, but I like the weeks I have to go into the office. It's so weird how you get into a routine and don't like to deviate from that (at least I don't, anyway). What have you guys been doing to keep busy besides the usual (cooking, cleaning, laundry)? I binged watched season 1 and 2 yesterday of Call the Midwife...again! I've seen all of the seasons already buy I love that show so much. I'm doing my part in trying to stimulate the economy by ordering things online that I really don't need. I have more friends on Words with Friends than I can keep up with. I've taken more pictures of my dogs than I probably have of my kids as they were growing up, and I've reread, changed, added, took some things out of my latest book. Now I need to find some new characters to hang out with! Since none of us are getting out these days, what I've found myself doing is looking through my photos and finding some of the places I've been that made me happy! It kinda makes me feel like I'm there again just reliving the memory of it. Here are some of my favorites:

                                                          Black Forest Germany

                                                                Innsbruck Austria

                                                                Strasbourg France

Stay positive, stay healthy, and find new and innovative ways to travel without ever leaving your house!

~Beth xoxo

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