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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Dailan, Nicole & Ryan

And last but not least.....spend some time this Christmas with Dailan, Nicole & Ryan.....

I arrived at Dailan’s by noon. I was surprised when I wasn’t excitedly greeted by Ryan at the door like the last time I had visited. Still, I wasn’t disappointed to see Dailan behind the door, looking just as handsome as ever. He opened the door and took my hand. “Shh,” he said as he led me through the house, back into the great room. Ryan was sitting in front of the TV, playing a video game.
“Hey, Ryan,” Dailan said, causing Ryan to look up from his game.
My heart melted at the sight of Ryan’s smile, which stretched across his face. He dropped the controller to the ground and came running over to greet me. “Miss Morgan, you came!” he exclaimed, giving me a hug.
“He told me you weren’t coming,” Ryan said as he playfully pushed Dailan. I smiled and handed Ryan his Christmas present. “Thanks!” he said as he sat down on the floor to open it.
I took a seat on the couch to watch him as Dailan sat down next to me. “Wow!” Ryan exclaimed as he tore away at the paper, revealing a buildable racetrack that seemed to be all the rage with the boys in my class this year. “Thanks, Miss Morgan, this is cool.”
The enthusiasm on his face was all the thanks that I needed. “You’re very welcome,” I said.
Ryan walked over to the Christmas tree and returned with a small box for me. “Ryan, you already gave me a present,” I said, remembering the yummy vanilla candle he had given me the day of our class party.
“That was really from my Aunt Lisa,” he said. “This is from me. Well, I mean my Uncle D paid for it, but I picked it out.”
I laughed as Dailan shook his head at Ryan. “Ryan, you never tell a girl that someone else paid for a present that you gave them,” Dailan said, playfully smacking Ryan on the head.
“Just like you never tell a girl that someone else cooked dinner for her.” I couldn’t resist as I started to giggle. I watched as a grin stretched across Dailan’s face. I slowly removed the wrapping paper and the lid from the box as Ryan looked on anxiously. I immediately smiled upon seeing the beautiful sterling silver necklace with a whimsical heart charm dangling from it.
“Oh, Ryan, I love this.”
Ryan’s smile was a mile wide. “I told you she liked hearts,” he said to Dailan.
“Yup, hearts are my favorite thing,” I said.
“They had all different kinds of hearts that you can add to it. But I liked this one best,” Ryan said proudly.
“This is an awesome heart, Ryan,” I said as I gave him a hug.
I lifted my hair as Ryan clasped it on my neck. I looked down at the heart hanging from my neck. It truly was one of the best presents I ever received because I knew how much it meant to Ryan to give it to me.

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