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Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December - Kat & Julian Month

It's hard to believe that December is upon us and even harder to believe that this month will mark one whole year since I published The Exception To The Rule. I truly thought that would be my first and last book that I ever wrote. First reason being, I never thought that I could ever create characters that I loved as much Kat & Julian. Secondly, I never imagined that anyone would read it except for my friends and family.

Well, one year later and I am overwhelmed with the responses that I have gotten from that book and how much it has touched so many people. Since that was my very first book and I had NO CLUE as to what the heck I was doing when it came to publishing it. I never got to do a formal cover reveal, teasers or any of that fun stuff.  So in a way Kat & Julian got  ripped off. So This month I decided to dedicate to Kat & Julian with lots of fun things......excerpts, giveaways and maybe just maybe.....

Are you ready for this?

 Are you sure?

I may be posting  a chapter from Julian's POV after Kat drops the bomb on him....for those of you that have read it.....you know what I'm talking about!! So stay tuned ......there will be lots of fun things going on this month!

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