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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas from Travis & Mia

So, I was thinking in each of my books I have a little special Christmas scene with my characters.  So I thought that it would be fun to revisit each one since it is Christmastime after all!  Starting with Drowning in Love and Travis and Mia's very first Christmas together :)

Christmas Day was here and I was so happy to be spending it with Travis and my family. We had spent Christmas Eve with Travis’ family. I had a wonderful time and really loved being in their company; but I was so looking forward to being at my sister’s for Christmas Day. I snapped a million pictures of Paige opening up her presents. This was my favorite part of Christmas, watching her open up her gifts. My sister walked over to clean up the wrapping paper that Paige was getting swallowed in.
“Maybe in a few years, I’ll have a niece or nephew that I can spoil,” my sister said with a smile. I raised my eyebrows at her and shot her a look of displeasure for saying such a thing in front of Travis. Travis and I talked about a lot of things, but kids were never part of the conversation. It was just too soon to be thinking about that.
“She’s kidding, Travis. Don’t pass out,” I said.
“Why would I pass out? I want kids someday.”
“You do?”
“Yeah, especially if it’s with you.” My stomach did a triple flip.
“Aw,” my sister said upon hearing his statement. “Let me take a picture of you guys.” I moved closer to Travis as my sister snapped the picture with her phone and immediately sent it to mine.
I was really feeling down by the end of the night. I had a great time and didn’t want to leave. My mom tried her best to try and coax me and Travis to stay over her house, but I had to be at work in the morning, so I knew that wasn’t an option.
Travis and I arrived back at his place a little after nine. I was exhausted from all of the excitement of the day. I changed into my pajamas and snuggled up with him on the couch, watching TV. He reached behind his back and handed me an envelope and a box. I was a little taken off guard. We had already exchanged presents earlier that morning. I had gotten Travis a new watch and another bottle of his favorite cologne. He had gotten me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, which I’m sure he spent more on than I cared to know.
“Travis, what is this? We exchanged presents already.”
“Just a couple of things I forgot earlier.” I shook my head and smiled. I opened the envelope and my eyes widened to find an itinerary for a week-long trip to Saint Lucia, leaving on Valentine’s Day. “Oh my God, Travis, This is awesome! I just hope that I can get-”
He stopped me mid-sentence. “It’s already taken care of. I talked to Juan, and you have the week off. It’s going to be just you and me in paradise, celebrating Valentine’s Day for a whole week.”
I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. “That sounds perfect!”
“And I will get you to swim in the ocean.”
 “We’ll just have to see about that one.”
He smiled and rubbed his forehead against mine. “Open the box,” he said.
“Travis, why did you -”
“Just open it.”
I removed the lid to find a necklace with a beautiful gold heart.
“Read the back,” he instructed.
I flipped it over. To Mia, the girl with the heart of gold and my girl forever. The tears rolled down my face as I ran my thumb over the inscription.
“Okay, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to wear it, but don’t cry about it,” he joked.
“I love it, Travis. I just never thought I could be this happy again. Thank you so much for this beautiful necklace and for allowing me to open my heart again. I love you so much.” I wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled up against him. I had never felt happier than I did right now. I watched the dancing flames in the fireplace while Travis held me tightly in his arms. After living out a yearlong sentence of hell on earth, I had finally made it back to heaven.

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