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Monday, September 7, 2020

It's the Unofficial End of Summer

 Labor Day (The first Monday in September here in the U.S) has always been the end of summer for me even though the calendar says differently. Ever since I was a child, it always marked "Back to School" because it was the last day of summer vacation as we'd always go back the day after. I remember falling asleep or at least trying to at night, tossing and turning in anticipation, a mixture of excitement and nerves for what would await the next day. Sadly, now with the virus still running rampant, most kids will be going to bed tonight and not know the restless sea of emotions that comes the night before the first day of school. Not that I'd want to go back and relive that time of uncertainty...Will I least have one friend in my lunch period to sit with? What if I forget my locker combination? What if I totally hate my teacher? These all seem like such trivial worries now as an adult, but as a kid, they were HUGE. Ones that every child should experience because in a weird way, it helped me cope with bigger matters and more important situations as an adult. I know that every uphill battle, every embarrassment, every letdown, and every shred of self-doubt as child helped mold me and make into stronger person. It's something all kids need to face and overcome on their own. I look at how much has changed since I was a child, and I'm so thankful I grew up when I did. A time before cell phones and social media. A time when Pac Man and Frogger on a tiny television were all the rage. A time when hearing your favorite song being played on the radio was a treat because we didn't have the instant gratification of downloading it. There's something to be said for "less is more" because I wouldn't trade any of that for the world.

 Here's to hoping all the kids have a great and healthy school year, wether it be virtually or in person! Now that I'm out of school and so are my kids, Labor Day will mark the start of something different, cooler nights, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice! The best part of all...I can still sneak a little bit of summer in by hitting the beach during the best month of all here on the east coast...September.  The crowds are gone, the water is at its warmest, and the afternoons are some of the most beautiful! 

Just like a new chapter in a book, things change and evolve as it goes on, but those changes aren't possible or even triumphant without a little struggle to get there.

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