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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

My Book Babies

With Mother's Day fast approaching, it got me thinking about different ways we are "moms". Whether it's to our children, our fur kids, nieces or nephews...there are so many different ways we can be a parent. I'm a mom to humans, dogs and books. Yes...books.  Putting your ideas, your words and yourself out there is scary, so much like sending your kid off to school for the very first time. Will they be okay? Will the other kids like them? Will they be able to cope without you? All those same questions and fears every single mom who has watched her baby drive off on the bus for the first time has are the same fears an author has after they've hit "publish". Your babies are special, you become fiercely protective if someone dares to criticize them, and you just want everyone to like them, even though you know that's not always possible. Just like with my kids, I never play favorites with my books or the characters in them. Instead, I embrace that each one is different and is special in their own unique ways. But no matter how many children you may have, there's only one who gave you the title of mom for the very first time (in my case it was two...twins!). Just like no matter how many books you may have published, there's only one that gave you the title of Author for the very first time...meet my first published:

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