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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prologue ~ When The Chips Are Down

Here's a sneak peek at the Prologue for my latest novel "When The Chips Are Down". It's a romantic comedy told in in triple POV's ~ Mother and twin teenage daughters and despite their age difference they have quite a bit in common when it comes to falling in love, broken hearts, facing fears and moving on. Meet Melanie, Carrie & Gia on 3/14/15......I guarantee they will put a smile on your face.


I had the absolute best husband in the world, or so I thought. That’s why, at thirty-seven, I found myself divorced with two teenage daughters, who had a much better social life than I did, and a cheating ex-husband.

I’ve always been the type of person who liked to plan things ahead of time, so I had my plan in place. Get married, have two kids by the time I reached thirty, and be married to their dad until the day we died. Well, I got two outta three. I was married at twenty – yes, I know, dumb move! I had my two kids by the time I was twenty-one. It was the third step of the plan that didn’t work out too well. Don’t get me wrong. There were days I wanted to kill him, but I don’t think that would have qualified as step three.

I always knew that Alec – the ex, asshole, genetic contributor, jerk-off, take your pick – was a ladies’ man. I saw the way women looked at him, and the way he looked back. But I always thought of him more as a flirt than a cheater. When I was eighteen, we met at a concert and, two years later, we were married. I didn’t listen to my parents, my sister, or my friends when they told me I was too young. I was twenty, and I knew everything. Plus, I was a sucker for blue eyes. The years passed and we were somewhat happy. Yes, we would get into our knock-down, drag-out fights. Once his architectural business picked up and the money started rolling in, I thought things were getting better, or maybe I was just in denial. I didn’t want to know who he was spending all of those “late nights” at the office with, or if those business trips were really business. He was taking care of me and my girls financially, and at some point in time, I just really stopped caring if he was cheating or not. The final revelation came two years ago when I paid him a surprise visit at his office. Only it was I who had gotten the surprise when I found him and his much younger secretary – a.k.a. the new wife – in a very compromising position.

Our divorce was final a year ago. He moved a half-hour away, married his much younger girlfriend, and was now a dad again at forty. After he had left, I did the whole woe is me, scorned woman routine. I sat around in my pajamas feeling sorry for myself, cut all the pictures of us in half, found comfort in sweets, and closed myself off to the rest of the world. Then, one day, I finally realized my life wasn’t over. It was just beginning. If that asshole could still be producing offspring at forty, there was still time for me to make a success of my life. I had so many other roles besides just being Alec’s wife. So I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and proudly embraced my new life and all of my important roles. Melanie Hanson: single mom, great friend, loyal daughter, and part-owner of I Thee Wed bridal shop. Yes, my life was different now, but I was going to live it to the fullest. Even though my driver’s license may have said I was thirty-seven years old, my mind sometimes told me differently.
©Beth Rinyu 2015

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