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Friday, March 27, 2015

Just A Quick Little Update.....

Just wanted to let all you know about the little detour I'm taking with my writing:

I released When The Chips Are Down two weeks ago, and I plan on writing two other books in series:

Carrie's - Which I had originally planned on releasing in summer


Gia's - in the fall.

I had a little pity party for myself when I saw my sales for When The Chips Are Down and started doubting myself about  even releasing them at all......because the demand wouldn't be there for the two other books. I got over it and realized that I made a promise before I even released When The Chips Are Down that I would follow through with Carrie & Gia's book no matter what.......just because I needed to see where there stories took me. So, if you are anxiously awaiting their stories they will be published. I'm now planning on releasing the two of them together which means it may be a little later than I had originally anticipated. I am 90% done with Carrie's book and have one chapter of Gia's book done which would put me right on target for a late summer/early fall release. Perfect.....right?

Well.....As luck would have it....A whole new book popped into my head and is taking over all of my thoughts, every time I go to sit down and write Gia's story. So, I've begun to write that one and hopefully once I get a few more chapters out, I will be able to go back to Gia (or you may be getting a whole new standalone in between). The last thing I want to do is rush or force Carrie & Gia's stories. I love these girls as if they were real, and I want them to be perfect and given my 100% attention. I hope you guys understand.....I will keep you updated. But if you are anxiously awaiting their stories.....they will be out, and I promise they will be worth the wait!

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