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Friday, May 9, 2014

Just a Quick Little Hello....

It's been so long since I blogged that I almost forgot my password. I've been super busy with writing, finding the perfect cover, editing and life in general. I will be publishing my next book A Will To Change.....the companion novel to A Cry For Hope, next month. I know I need to slow down it down a bit but when an idea strikes me I have to keep going until the entire story is out of my head. This story hit me as I was finishing up with A Cry For Hope and created the character of her brother in law, Will. Something told me the minute that he jumped into the pages (actually on the computer screen) of that book that he had his own story to tell.....and boy does he ever! I will be sharing the cover with everyone in exactly one week!. I hope that you guys will love just as much as me!
I am also working on another story that I will be releasing sometime in the fall. The entire story came to me just by looking at a set of pictures (one of which I will be using for my cover) from a very talented photographer. I will be adding the synopsis to Goodreads very soon!

And for all my 40 + readers (like myself) the next book that's in my head and waiting to be typed out is going to be about a 40 something protagonist....that won't be releasing until sometime next year. I've had the idea for this one in my head for a while and kept pushing it back because the characters in all these other books have been talking louder to me. But once I'm done with my current WIP, I plan on shutting everyone else up and concentrating fully on this one.
So, that's my quick little update on what 's been going on with me! I'm going to TRY and keep up with this blogging stuff more often....Until then xo!

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