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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Dating Game....Beth Rinyu Style

I don't think anywhere in the U.S. is being spared from the bitter cold right now. Days like this have me dreaming of summer and the warm weather.

So, let's play my version of the dating game. Which one of my book boyfriends would you want to keep you warm on a cold Winter night?

Bachelor #1

JULIAN KIRON.....Meet Him Here

Handsome doctor, dark hair, crystal blue eyes, sweet and caring. If his good looks don't win you over his big heart will.

Bachelor #2

DAILAN O'MALEY.....Meet Him Here

Sexy, arrogant, womanizing lawyer. Oh and did I mention? He has an Irish accent. Once you get past his crass exterior he really does have a huge heart.  

Bachelor #3


Handsome Olympic swimmer. Killer body, protective. He may be a womanizer and fool you at first but for the right girl he's a one woman man.

So, ladies which one would you choose? Well, why choose just one? There's plenty of them to go  around for everyone!

Stay warm and hopefully one of these fine gentlemen will be helping you do just that tonight! 

1 comment:

  1. I liked the globe developing as well. It creates the tale really exciting. Although this dating games are with three bachelor's, to be sincere, I think it's apparent she will end up with Mal. I would be beyond amazed if she finished up with Nikolai.