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Monday, September 9, 2013

Made It Through Monday....

Well, Monday is almost an afterthought....Thank goodness! I was super busy all weekend trying my best to pre-proof the rest of An Unplanned Life before sending it off for real editing. Let me tell you, I really stink at proofing my own work! I did share a few things this weekend on my FB page. Here they are just in case you missed them:

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The Latest Teaser from An Unplanned Life
Teaser For An Unplanned Life

A slide show of An Unplanned Life
Slide Show

Also, I've decided to keep An Unplanned Lesson on sale at .99 cents for a few more days so everyone has a chance to read it before An Unplanned Life. To answer a lot of emails that I've been getting - YES you must read an Unplanned Lesson to totally grasp and appreciate An Unplanned Life.

And last but not least....I wanted to share this BEAUTIFUL picture that one of my awesome readers sent me yesterday. Thank you so much....I LOVE it xo!!

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