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Friday, August 30, 2013

An Unplanned Life - Character Inspiration

So for all of you that have read An Unplanned Lesson, you probably have your own visuals of Dailan and Nicole. But I thought I would share mine with you as well as some others, plus new characters that you will be meeting in An Unplanned Life. Can't wait for all of you to meet the new characters on November 7th! Let me know what you think and if my visual came pretty close to the characters that you've already met in An Unplanned Lesson:

Rachel Wiser - The girl you will LOVE to HATE. You will meet her in Nicole's past as well as her present

Jonathan Caldwell - Nicole's first love and the guy who changed her life forever

Jonathan's mother and another character that you will love to hate

Donna- Nicole's very best friend in the past and present

 Dailan's best friend and a new love interest to someone very close to Nicole

Renee - Nicole's older sister who you you will seeing more of in An Unplanned Life

Justin Morgan - Nicole's younger brother. You will get to see how close they were when you go back into Nicole's past.

Tisha - A very special friend to Nicole. You will meet Tisha when you journey into Nicole's past

Nicole's Mom

Nicole's Dad

Dailan's Dad

Kitty O'Maley - You will meet Dailan's outspoken and very opinionated mom when she comes to visit in An Unplanned Life


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