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Monday, June 10, 2013

Just because....giveaway

I said goodbye to another book couple yesterday. I always get so sad when that day comes! After spending many months creating them and getting to know them it's hard to say goodbye. Sort of like watching your kids grow up. But I know that means I'm one step closer to having all of you meet them. You will get to read all about Travis & Mia's love story on July 22nd. For those of you that have read both of my books, this one is more like The Exception To The Rule, it's a very emotional love story. It does have some funny scenes between Mia and her BFF but the scenes between Travis and Mia are more serious. Travis is more like Julian than Dailan.

Speaking of Dailan .....I have a surprise in store for you guys....can't tell you what just yet, but all of you Dailan O'Maley lovers will be very happy!!

So since it's Monday, It's a dreary day (at least where I'm at) and I'm missing Travis & Mia already. I've decided to do a giveaway....just because! Good Luck and don't forget to mark you calendars for July 22nd!

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