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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Thank You...

As some of you may know...or not know, I released my 16th book on Thursday. It seems so weird to be typing that because five years ago when I typed "The End" on my very first book, I said I was one and done. I didn't think I'd ever be able to get as attached to another set of characters again. Well, turns out, I did! So from Kat & Julian to Rose & Alex...and all the others in between, here I am five years and 16 books later. With that being said, releasing a new book never gets easier...it's a constant worry, that maybe you could've done something different. I'm happy to see that so many people are enjoying Rose and Alex's story. It's a light-hearted romantic comedy, that will hopefully put a smile on your face. Yes, rose is a spoiled, rich, brat (it states that right on the cover and in the blurb), but give her a few chapters and she will grow on you...it's all about character transformation, right?

So, thank you to all the bloggers who shared my new release, and thank you to all my readers who've read every single on of my books and continue to support me!

If you haven't met Rose and Alex yet and love a good enemies to lovers romantic comedy, check out their story:


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