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Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Goes Up Must Come Down!

Sitting here drinking my coffee on this cold winter morning, waiting for the snow to arrive.  I can't help but think, today would be the perfect day to tackle the #1 dreaded holiday chore - taking down the Christmas tree! I think I would rather scrub all of my floors on my hands and knees with a tooth brush! 

It's funny how the Christmas tree seems so magical before Christmas and then as soon as it's over it's an eyesore.  Just a reminder of another task that needs to be done - why is that? So I propose this, how but leave it up all year round and decorate it according to season.  Hearts for Valentines day, pretty pastel flowers for spring, seashells for summer - well you get it, right?  Think I could start a new tradition?  Me neither!  So, without further procrastination I must sign off and get myself moving on this mundane task - okay maybe after one more cup of coffee!  

Goodbye pretty tree, see you next year!

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