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Sunday, January 6, 2013

What a Character!

Happy Sunday Morning!  Hope everyone is taking it a little slow this morning and taking extra time to enjoy that second cup of coffee! Me, I'm drinking up the last of my Pumpkin Spice coffee for the season and  re-reading the rough draft of my second book!  I finally have it right where I want it and I have to say - I am in love with this new book and the characters in it.  I'm hoping that my readers will feel the same way that I do when they read it. Nothing kills a good book (for me anyway) more than characters that you can't connect with.  I love books that pull me into them and make me feel like I know each character as if they were a friend or even an enemy of mine. It's so hard to say goodbye to your characters of one story and move on to the next. I'm eagerly trying to think of some idea's for book three. I've got lots of thoughts flowing, but nothing worth typing out in words.

So I guess I will just have to say goodbye to Nicole and Dailan and move onto my next saga! It's gong to  be hard, but I know I can do it, just a few months ago I thought that I could never depart from Kat and Julian. But as long as people keep reading my books, my characters will become new friends to them and always hold a place in my reader's heart - I hope!  I'm hoping to have this new book out in a few months - stay tuned for more details!  Until then, get to know Kat and Julian in my current book available on amazon!

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