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Monday, January 28, 2013

7 Line Challenge!

Okay so I was tagged into this 7 line challenge by another writer,  Dawn Husted. The challenge is for me to pick seven lines from page 7 or 77 of one of my novels and post it.
Here is a sneak peek of the first 7 lines of page 77 of my new book that I have just completed and hope to have out in the spring!  Hope you enjoy!

“Yes, you can’t look all smokin’ hot and wear those granny panties that you wear underneath that dress,” she said.
I watched as the salesman immediately shook his head. “Oh no, you definitely have to wear the sexy undies, no granny panties.”
“I don’t wear granny panties,” I said in defense as Donna rolled her eyes at me.
“Fine!”  I handed the salesman my credit card. This surely was an expensive lesson that I was going to be teaching Dailan O’Maley, my only hope was that it didn’t backfire on me!

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If you want to play along leave a comment with your blog address and I will tag you!

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