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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sometimes It's Better To Leave a Good Thing Alone!

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope many of you were lucky enough to extend the weekend and have the day off like me! 

So, last week in one of my blog posts I had told all of you I was working on book 3, which would be a continuation of book 2. Well, after watching a bad sequel to a very good first movie, I may have to rethink that plan!  Let me start from the beginning:

I Love Liam Neeson, he is one of my favorite actors.  I will watch any movie that he's in, just because he's in it! So, I really enjoyed the movie Taken, not only because he was in it, but because it was a good action movie. Okay, maybe it was a little far fetched, but what action movie isn't?  So when Taken 2 came out in the movies I was really excited and as hard as tried, I just never made it to the movies before it was out of theaters. So, I waited for weeks for it to come out on DVD and finally the other day it was out!  My husband the movie junkie that he is, bought it for me. So the other night I set the mood - I got in my sweats, made a bowl of popcorn, settled into my favorite corner of the couch and popped the movie in!  All I can say is - that's ninety minutes of my life that I will never get back again!  This was definitely a movie that they should have just left alone without a sequel! 

Then I got to thinking, I absolutely LOVE my second book (hopefully you guys will be able to fall in love with it too in a few months) and sometimes it's better to leave a good thing alone instead of trying to expand on it.  I don't know, I'm still pondering this one!  Maybe, I'll just have to let my readers decide once they are done reading it and see what they think!  Keep watching my blog posts and Facebook Page for news on its release!  While you are waiting, fall in love with my current book The Exception To The Rule.

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