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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


While going through some old papers last night, I came across a folder full of my old poems. It was fun to read them all over again after all these years.  I had forgotten about a lot of them, so it was like reading them for the very first time. One in particular put a smile on my face. I'm hoping that it puts a smile on your face too. For those of you who suffer from it directly or indirectly (like my husband) this is for you:

That time of month is drawing near, my family is overcome with fear.

Such a wave of emotions I never knew that I had, one minute happy, the next minute sad.

My clothes are fitting tighter than they normally do, I blame it on the dryer and believe that it's true.

First I long for something salty, then for something sweet.  As I raid the kitchen cabinets, finally admitting my defeat.

It only comes but once a month, so try not to stress. Just buckle up, get ready for another round of PMS.

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