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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saying Goodbye To Another Book Couple...It's Never Easy.

Well hopefully you all know by now, that I released my latest novel Drowning In Love a bit earlier than planned. I had planned on  July 22nd then I was thinking that July 10th would have been the perfect day, since the book was dedicated to my grandmother and her birthday is the 10th. But I was like a kid on Christmas morning an had to hit that publish button! 

It's live on Amazon, and nook. It's uploaded to itunes but not live yet and it should be available in paperback by next week. If anyone would like a signed copy you can order one right from this blog through the pay pal link. 

I'm excited but sad about it being released.....all of the anticipation is over. I can no longer open up my laptop and delve into  Travis' and Mia's world. Not to mention, I really miss them! I know this sounds crazy but, my characters become like old friends to me and when I end a book I feel like I've severed a friendship. Thankfully, I know that they are never too far away. I just have to fire up my kindle and I can go back and visit any of my book couples any time....and yes I do quite often!

So, now I have to  move on to my next book couple.....Hmmmm do you know who they are? I think you just may!

If you've read Drowning In Love or any of my books, would you mind leaving a review on Goodreads or whatever website that you purchased them from?

Drowning In Love on Nook

Drowning In Love on Amazon

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