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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Two More Weeks...

 It's hard to believe The People We Meet Along The Way will be releasing in exactly two weeks. I remember when I first announced it, it seemed like September was so far away, and here we are! Time flies! Have you pre-ordered your copy? 

Beth Rinyu has outdone herself with this book. The way she described every part of her European journey made me feel like I was there with them. The intricate details were so well done. And the story was perfectly written. A must read!!!

~ Three Chicks and their Books

This was a beautiful story full of every emotion you could imagine. Heartbreak, anger, joy, laughter. Secrets are discovered, lies are told and journeys are taken. Life is beautiful and the people you meet along the way are really what make life the journey that it is. 

~NetGalley Reviewer 


"I knew that feeling all too well, battling in unison with the lump in your throat and the burning in your eyes. Hoping the dam wouldn’t break and expose how badly your heart was breaking inside. It was like a fragile mirror into your soul, one that you tried desperately to prevent others from looking into. One that could be shattered into a million pieces at any time, taking everything that was seen on the other side along with it by exposing every last bit of your emotions."  

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