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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Belated New Year

Happy New Year.....a week late! Where in the world did 2015 go?

When I looked back at my writing goals that I had marked out last December for 2015, I kind of veered off path. My original plan was to release all 3 books in the Three of a Kind series in 2015. Well, I released 1 (When the Chips Are Down). It was around February of last year that my writing  plan started to change. I was about halfway done with book 2 of the series and was battling with writer's block, but I tried working through it as best as I could. Then one night, I was watching Romeo & Juliet (the 1960's version.....the best one there is in my opinion) and the beginning stages of a brand new story popped into my head. I still continued on writing book 2 as the ideas for this new book became stronger and stronger with each passing day. Then finally one day, it all came together. So, I took a break from book 2 of the series and started to type out the thoughts for this new book that were going through my mind. Five weeks later (yes, only 5 weeks! That's how loud these characters were talking to me) Easy Silence was written. I say that I got the idea for Easy Silence from watching Romeo & Juliet because Sam and Jax relationship was somewhat similar: Both young, both star crossed lovers, and the ending....that bittersweet ending that I was so terrified to write for fear of being torn up in reviews....but if it worked for Shakespeare...so it would certainly work for little old me, right? (insert laughter here).

I am HAPPY to report that it did work for me too! The messages that I received from readers after reading Easy Silence was overwhelming. To know that I was able to evoke so much emotion in people with just my words was the biggest reward of this writing journey thus far.Then to see my book on so many bloggers lists of Favorite Reads of 2015 was the icing on the cake! It's hard to believe that these characters may never have been created if I didn't happen to be flicking through the channels and come across Romeo & Juliet that night. So, thank you Mr. Shakespeare!

Now back to The Three of a Kind series.....After I got Jax and Sam completely out of my head, I went back full force into Carrie & Jason and moved right on to Gia and Cam. Just a month month shy of meeting my 2015 writing goal....books 2 & 3 will be released within in 5 days of each other.

2015 taught me there is no particular plan to follow when writing.....you write what's speaking to you when it's speaking and most importantly....YOU ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART when it comes to your story!

Happy 2016 everyone!!

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