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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the great dad's out there, to all of the guys who have stepped up and became dad's to kids that weren't their own and to all the moms who are raising their kids without dad's. 

I love to write write romances but I also like to include other relationships within the stories (friendships,siblings, children, parents.)  When I wrote The Exception To The Rule it was not only a love story but also a story that focused on many other relationships. One of those relationships that I centered a lot of the story around was Kat's relationship with her dad.  I got so emotional writing these parts of this book that I decided share the ones that caused the most tears for me:

My dad smiled, seeming to know that this was the best Christmas present I had ever received. “Well, I was holding on to that diamond, planning to do something with it for your wedding day,” he said sadly, knowing that he would never see that day. “So just promise me when you do get married that you wear that necklace so me and your mother can be part of your special day.”
I sat down in the chair next to his bed, etching his face into my mind so I would never forget it. I held his hand as he opened his eyes briefly, smiled at me, only to close them again forever, as I whispered - “goodbye, Daddy.”
I looked out of the big picture window at the enormous oak tree in the backyard. That tree was my favorite play place when I was growing up. It provided shade from the hot summer days. It was the perfect climbing tree during my tomboy phase and the best thinking spot as I got older. It looked so barren in the winter, stripped of its green leaves of summer or the majestic hues of red and orange that it would unveil every autumn. I felt like that tree–empty. I had no one left; I would never be able to have one of my long insightful talks with my dad again. I focused my attention on the lone wooden swing that hung from the limb of that tree. I remembered how my dad had built it for me the summer after my mother had died. It had withstood the test of time, the harsh winters, the hurricane winds that would blow through–just as our love for one another had survived. I grabbed my coat and made my way out to the swing. The cold December air immediately hit me in the face. I sat down on the swing and closed my tear-filled eyes.
“Push me higher, Daddy.”
“Okay, hold on, Katrina–here you go!”
I could hear the laughter and feel the happiness that filled the backyard that day.
“I love you so much, Daddy!”
“I love you too, baby girl.”
I smiled up at the sky, touching the diamond pendant hanging from my neck. I knew my mom and dad were there with me; I could feel them. “I found my ‘one,’ Dad,” I whispered. 

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